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It’s a fact you can do just about anything with your hair on crazy hair day, and I mean anything!! It’s the special day when schools allow students to get creative with their hair, parents turn this into a contest and come up with the most craziest hairstyles. Below are the top 10 craziest crazy hair day styles.

1. Soda Bottle Head

The soda pouring hairstyle is a fantastic idea, just not sure how long it would stay on for. It looks very simple to achieve, put the hair into a high ponytail, get an empty soda bottle and make a hole in the side, feed the ponytail through the hole in the bottle and out the top. Then get a small light weight cup and make 2 small holes in the side, tie the end of the ponytail to the side of the cup using the holes to hold it in place. Best to use a colored cup, it doesn’t reveal the trick inside the cup.

2, The Crazy Hair Bunch

Wow the parents of these kids had their work cut out. Very wacky and unique.

3, Donut Head Hairstyle

This hairstyle wouldn’t last long if Homer was around, or every cop in LA HAHA.

4, Great for Halloween

Halloween Hairstyle

This is a great crazy hairstyle for Halloween. I love the big googly eyes!

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5,  Fidget Spinner Hairstyle

fidget spinner hairstyle
source: © lilly_zoller / twitter

Fidget Spinners have been the craze of the year so it’s no surprise one made it onto someone’s head!

6. Christmas Tree Hairstyle

This reminds me it’s almost that time of year again. I wonder how much hairspray it took to hold the tree up!

7, Toilet Roll Hairstyle

It’s always handy to carry an extra roll.

8, Mermaid Hairstyle

This crazy hairstyle is very creative and happens to be my daughters favorite.

9, Planet Hairstyle

Nice planet hairstyle for crazy hair day!

10, Artistic Hairstyle

Finally we get to our 10th crazy hairstyle, This one is very artistic!

Thanks for reading our crazy hair day post, don’t forget to let us know which one you liked the best in the comments.

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