10 Most Valuable Star Wars Toys

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Lego-Millenium-Falcon Value


Known as the most expensive Star Wars LEGO set ever At $500, and the largest LEGO set of all time. The value of this collectors toy increased when it sold on eBay in 2015 for $16,000. LEGO sets aren’t easy to find in pristine condition so if you have one then you are very lucky.

Today you can find a new Lego Millennium Falcon for $800, which has 7541 pieces, it maybe worthwhile investing in this toy. If history was to repeat itself you would be laughing all the way to the bank.

 Estimated Value: $16,000

2. VINYL Jawa (Star Wars – Vintage Star Wars, 1978)

Vinyl-Jawa Value

The Jawa is part of the first ever action figures released for the Star Wars franchise which was part of the 12-Back collection, the action figure was released with a vinyl cape originally. Kenner chose to change this to Cloth because of the size of the figure. They wanted customers to feel like they were not being ripped off for paying the same price for a product that is only half the size.

Since this was changed so early in the release, only a handful surfaced. In fact, only about 6 of them have ever been found.

 Estimated Value: $18,000

1. Boba Fett (Rocket Firing – The Vintage Collection, 2010)

The Rocket Firing Boba Fett was produced in 2009 and released in 2010., production of the toy halted because the detachable rocket was a choking hazard to children.

The first version of this Boba Fett action figure had an L-slot in the jet-pack, where the rocket slider couldn’t latch into place properly. The second and re-worked jet-pack had a deeper J-slot, where the “trigger” could latch-in and be more secure. However, it still wasn’t secure enough, and the action feature was removed from the figure.

This rare version of the iconic character can now fetch up to $22,500.



Do you have any rare Star Wars collectables? Would you spend the hefty price tag to own one of these super rare items? Share your thoughts on this article below.

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