10 Romantic Spanish Love Quotes To Express Love

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If you are reading or sharing love quotes in Spanish, you are delivering the love message of your heart. Spanish is often considered as the ‘languages of love’ and it is also evident with the number of Spanish speaking people around the world.

Spanish language is often known for the melodic overtone it carries and also for the expression that is similar to singing songs. Spanish words are romantic and the lyrical tone it carries is worthy of portraying deep love that lies in your heart.

Before you make use of these Spanish love quotes, it’s also equally important for you to understand what it really means. A compliment to your smile in Spanish would mean something good being said about your heart or soul.

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Here we list 10 Spanish love quotes for your girlfriend, boyfriend or your loved ones.

10. Te quiero y solamente usted.

It is one of the most cited Spanish love quote. The English translation is: I love you and only you.

It does not matter if you are a girl or a boy, you can convey your love and feelings of spending your whole life with the one you love with this quote. Break the silence with this Spanish love quote and your loved one surely know how much he/she means to you.

9. Usted es la fuente de mi ser.

The English translation of this Spanish love quote is: You are the fountain of my being.

It conveys the message about how important he/she is in your life. It shows that the existence of someone’s being is the feeling of being together with the loved ones only.

8. Cuando se desahoga el sentimiento, la pena es menor.

It means- When the feeling is relived, the pain is less. When love is not madness, it is not love.

Surely, love is one sacred feeling and telling that you love someone is the most difficult part. It might be painful for keeping the feelings deep in your heart and when you express it, your pain becomes less. Also, love is considered to be some sort of madness and something that drives your life to do better.

7. Entre lo que existe y lo que no existe, el espacio es el amor.

When translated to English, this Spanish love quote means- Between that which exists and that which does not is the space called Love.

Love is a sacred feeling and spiritual. This Spanish love quote conveys the spiritual feeling that you carry about someone you adore.

6. Quisiera que estuvieras aquí conmigo.

It means: I wish you were here with me.

The deep lying meaning of this Spanish love quote is that you are incomplete without someone and that someone means the world to you. When someone you love is close to you, you are sure to feel complete.

5. Tú eres la mujer más bella que he visto.

English translation: You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.

This is one of the best ice-breakers of love message if you find a female who understands Spanish. This is surely going to make the woman blush and you might take chances to be in a relationship then after.

4. Tu eres mi luz en la oscuridad.

It means- You are my light in the dark. 

Yes. Love is a light to life and this is what the message says when translated to English. Love is a feeling that takes away that dark sides of life.

3. Te ame desde el momento en que puse mis ojos en ti.

English translation: I loved you from the moment I first laid eyes on you.

When you’re expressing love towards someone you adore, this Spanish love quote will surely help you break the silence of your love.

2. Echa mano a la ligera; soltar a la ligera. Este es uno de los grandes secretos de la felicidad en el amor.

This Spanish love quote will surely bring your loved on to the knees. It means- Take hold lightly; let go lightly. This is one of the great secrets of felicity in love.

When you are madly in love with someone and your love is finding difficult to reciprocate feelings towards you; you’ll need to make them feel easy. This is what does the work perfectly.

1. Te Quiero/Te Amo

Short, yet sweet, it means- I love you.

The sacred feeling withing your heart and the most pure thing in the world, love overcomes all barriers, be it language, distance or race and these Spanish love quotes will surely deepen your feeling to your other half.

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