10 Things to do in Your 20s

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7. Masturbate


Oh Lord! Porns are legal to watch when you turn 18. And everyone loves orgasms, right? If you don’t know how you feel about making out in your 20s, it’s surely going to be much difficult for that another someone to find out for you. Masturbation gives you the similar feel, and who’d not want to fantasize about making out with a celebrity or someone sexy. LOL!

6. Learn a new language

learn a new language

Learning something new can be difficult and hard to manage when you’re occupied with your studies or job. But, learning a new language is surely fun and well worth it.

5. Write a letter to yourself

write a letter

You might have a habit to write a daily diary to make a memoir about yourself. So why not give a try at writing a letter to yourself? Include about your present conditions and expectations in life and read it when you get old. You might get surprised at what you had to say about yourself when you were young.

4. Do something Crazy

do something crazy

You might recall back to the adventure up in this list. But well, being crazy is far beyond going on an adventure. Do whatever you want for a day; eat a lot, get drunk and throw up like you’ve never done before, set the neighbor’s dog loose or steal something precious from your friend for a day and return back sometimes later, light your first cigarette, or hit on your teacher. It’s totally fun, isn’t it?

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