10 Things to do in Your 20s

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3. Have a one night stand

one night stand

Why worry about casual sex when you are up to the age? Go to a party or a bar and find someone you’re attracted and go talk straight. But, wait, make sure it’s safe and you’re using a condom. If you fail to grab an attention, try and try again; you’ll surely find a sultry head for the experience.

2. Meet a lot of new people

meet new people

20s are awesome. You’re probably in college, and you have a lot of people around you. Go on a party, a conference, competition or anything. Maybe, you’ll make connections to people who you want to work with, or maybe, you might as well find the one you’ve been looking for to spend the rest of your life with.

1. Travel


This is the most common advice most people give. Travel broadens one’s mind and what can be new while traveling during your 20s? Well, it’s basically just the same when but why not make your travel interesting? Take a map, close your eyes, point your finger in the map and travel the same place where you put your hands on. Interesting, right?

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