5 Unheard Facts about Ryder Cup

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Next year sees the return of the Ryder Cup with the Europeans and Americans once more battling it out on the course to drive, chip and putt their way to victory. The American team, who will be led by their captain Davis Love III, will be looking to get their hands on the trophy for the first time since 2008.

But before we set our sights on the 2016 Ryder Cup we take a closer look at just some of the unanswered questions about the origins and the creation of the iconic trophy itself.

Ryders Cup Trophy

5. The Origins of the Trophy

Origin of Cup


British golf enthusiast and promoter Samuel Ryder commissioned the creation of the trophy back in 1926. The trophy was originally created to serve as the prize for a special competition between American and British professional players. One year later the cup appeared at the first official Ryder Cup tournament that took place in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1927.

4. Size Does Matter

Ryders Cup trophy


The cup itself stands at a height of just 17 inches, from handle to handle width-wise the trophy measures 9 inches and the whole thing weighs in at just 4 pounds.

3. Who’s on Top?

Ryders Cup


On top of the 17 inch tall trophy sits a mysterious golfing figure which is widely accepted to represent English pro golfer Henry Abraham Mitchell, also known as Abe. Mitchell was a friend and the golfing instructor of the tournament founder Samuel Ryder.

2. Bottom’s Up

Close view of Ryders trophy

Whilst the iconic chalice features a golfing figure on top along the bottom you will find the engravings of past winners dating back to the first competition held in 1927. The match results are featured on two metallic gold bands that wraparound the plinth on the bottom of the trophy. Historically speaking the American team have won a handful more Ryder Cup tournaments than their British and European counterparts, yet they have failed to retain the cup over the past 6 years. So make sure you brush up on all the golf betting tips and news before you pick your 2016 Ryder Cup winner, because we could be in for a shock.

1. The Youth of Old Age

Ryders Cup golfer

The Ryder Cup allows players from all age ranges to participate together. There have been numerous young whippersnappers who have showed off their golfing talents in the competition over its long-lasting history.

So, let us know if you enjoyed the list and do pass your thoughts on who’d be taking the title home this term?

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