How To Die – Top 10 Ways to Die Easily

When life seems to challenge  every time and when a person can’t see much point in continuing their life, they decide to die. We have a dramatic approach to life. We always want everything to go in our favor.But,truth is sometimes disturbing, and life doesn’t give us an option, that we finally become wretched soul. We feel the world is a synonym to anguish and  pain  bruising us with adversity with everything fallen apart  that we decide to accept the ineluctable destiny.

Death is that permanent experience and unalterable escape of men away from all the utter less hope and despair. When it would be hard to bear the scorns of time  however hard we try to put through circumstances ,the desires  to die  are inundated.

10 ways to die

Here are some of the easiest ways to die.

1. Fulfill all your wish and die

Death is inevitable but if you want to die, don’t be a stereotype as you live. Get what you want shortly and make the best of your life.  Search for a silver lining and make a mental bucket list.Set life commandments and stop sleepwalking . Start creating your own opportunities so that once you left to oblivion, you will still be remembered and talked about for your social values. But this is  little tedious because you can’t die  unless you achieve your goals.

2. Fight a war

Histories talk about many great personalities who sacrificed their body fighting for ther country. Dying in a war is a logistical one. When people are on the verge of death during battle and their life dedicated for their country, it sets a  paradigm for every  others  about their expense of commitments to bring protested reform of the country. These deaths are always substantial and motivating and a great opportunities  to make identity aftermath in scum of this world.

3. Love someone one-sided

Falling in love is beautiful but falling in some unreciprocated love is too painful. When the person you love  don’t love you back, you feel immediate dejection and your heart feels heavy and your world emptied. People do inconceivable things when in love. Even when desperate efforts don’t work out, one sided love spoils health, breaks  down and the  bodies turn to dreadful skeleton. If you want to end up being fragile, empty and hollow, be a love junkie  insisting your fantasy for that person  to turn to reality. So die being a love bug.

4. Be a gangster

The desire for power, identity and status are the obvious temptation that  influence people  to be gangster. The young who are broken and bereft of hope and vision, they  decide  to  join gangs  and  rise to power doing abhorrent deeds for success and recognition. However the future always held two options for these crooks; death or jail. They are always doomed to failure and death because  they become victims for their own created nuisance. Gaining respect and social status  happens only  among the gang members. Other people and the rival gangs always seek for a dispute and the way they could attack the supremacy of the others. Even the cops don’t spare  them.So,being gangster is like living happy  but dying fast.

5. Imitate TV stunts

Our unconscious mind compares reality to the cinematic exposure  which is actually unfair. The      youths after watching hostile movies, feel a deep kinship with a certain character of the story for the outrageous stunts and  death defying actions. They  try to ape these dangerous fleets blurring the line between fiction and reality. Those fantasy acts are  actually performed under the supervision of professionals under well controlled conditions. So, imitate any deadly stunts, it’s the incredibly moronic and  foolish way to die.

6. Laugh too hard

Everyone  enjoy a good hearty laugh.When laughter has been touted as to cure sickness,sorrow and depression ,it can be the freaking cause of death. Medical science after conducting many studies  uncover the fatalities of laughter as overblown emoting. When a person laughs constantly, people tend to breath in and out at a really fast pace and there is a chance of air cut off and the person may die due to heart seizure. So a long fit of laughter can lead to syncope, arrhythmia and cardiac rupture. So since we have to leave the  world at some time,the last laugh isn’t a worst way to go.

7. Video games

Video games have the intense and  realistic  graphics that gives a real simulation of reality to  the gamers. They can interfere  with  people and be a real impediment to their pursuit of goals. It even happens that a video game freak can lose his life of heart failure  stemming with exhaustion. It is believed that playing a real simulation game with the same position over a long period of time can create a great exhaustion and result in  blood clots. Back in 2005,in South korea, a young man died playing the online version of star craft and his death was due to prolonged hours of his play and exhaustion that slowed his blood flow and lead to heart failure. So be a video game addict,to die playing .

8. Deodorants

Deodorants, often anti-perspirant are used to prevent perspiring by inhibiting the body by purging toxins from below the armpits. The aluminium zirconium is found in anti-perspirant that may be solely the  cause of cancer. These  pieces of aluminium can block the pores from sweating  and lead to cell mutations. Though they are the personal hygienic products, but the  excessive use can be the reason of our death .It is conspiring that the health products can kill and it’s better to die odorless than with stinky armpits.

9. Sleeping pills

If you want to die unconscious and in your sleep, sleeping pills can be of help. You don’t need to overdose the pills as it depends upon the amount of tolerance the body can take. Sleeping pills can cause the fatality of hospitalization where the brain cells get numbed and even the kidneys and livers can be damaged.So,sleeping pill can be not very painful  and you can die easily unless you were to vomit or aspire to vomit resulting in choking and pneumonia.

10. Lightening strike in your house

When a rumbling thunder is occurring and you are in your house safe and inside. You can  die of lightening even when you are inside your house. Get in reach of the landline phones talking with your favorite person over the next line or handle the electric devices. This would be the most dreadful way to die, because it gets you burns as it passes extreme electricity voltage through your body and you die due to electrocution.


Before taking such an inevitable choice of ending our life prematurely, think that life happens only for once. Even though the hardest truth gives us pain, let life conquer over the swing of death types. Though people fear death sometimes death catches us off guard and sometimes it’s our compulsion. There is the certainty of life that at some time it must come to an end. So, push away your irrational thoughts, and let death instigate you only when it’s the right time.

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