Top 10 Most Addictive Drugs

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Did you know that drugs, alcohol and tobacco are the most dangerous things used by us humans? You could be using drugs to experiment, or could be to kill the curiosity. Yes, you might feel better after few uses of the drugs. But you need to understand that smoking a joint with your friends is going to burn down your life anytime soon. Doing drugs is no important than your classes or the responsibilities you have. Why let drugs be the centre of your life when other beautiful things exist which are actually the most important things in your life?

There is difference between prescribed drug use and drug abuse. Using the drugs abruptly and more than the dose prescribed medically is drug abuse. There are different drugs with different names and effects. But one thing is sure; all the drugs you overdose alter your brain functions and use. Once you fall into drug addiction, not even good intentions to get away from it can save you. Drugs are at the same time things that can save your life and the one that can ruin it.

So, here we list the top 10 most addictive drugs that people consume and are really hard to call it quits.

10. Heroine

heroin- most addictive drugsHeroine is a product of extracts of opium poppy. Heroine was known as Diamorphine in the nineteenth century by the Bayer pharmaceutical company. This drug was originally used to keep people from morphine addiction. It was thought to be less addictive than morphine. But heroine is believed to be the most deceptive one. Heard people as for ‘Smack’? That is a common name for heroine. This drug has become a reason for thousands of death each year. It is a very effective painkiller.  When you take heroine, your body cannot resist it and keeps asking for more. But the drug users experience seizures, euphoria, abnormal behavior leading to improper functioning of the brain and could die too. Intravenous injection is one of the most popular way people intake heroines.

9. PCP

PCP- top 10 most addictive drugs PCP was developed in 1950‘s for intravenous anesthetic purpose (medical use) but the use of it had many harm in human body development which let it down from continuity.  Basically it is a white crystalline powder. You can smoke PCP, drink it or else take orally or snorted. It is available in various forms of tablets, capsules and even in colored powders.  The phencyclidine is sprayed onto mint or even in marijuana whilst smoking.

The moderate use will leave you with the feeling of separation and isolation from everything including the atmosphere you are in. Shallow in breathing, numbness and poor muscular coordination are some of the effects of the moderate dosage of PCP. It has effects on the hormones. It also tampers the growth and development of human body alongside the maturity of growing mind. Its overdose will cause you hallucinations and lead you to other effects of which the worse is death. Most of the deaths are caused during intoxication. It is believed that PCP is one of the most dangerous and addictive drug that exist in today’s world.

The users of PCP have often been encountered with memory loss, depression weight loss and even disorder in moods and these symptoms persist even up to one year after cessation of PCP.

8. Cocaine

Coccaine- most addictive drugsCocaine is manufactured from the leaves of the coca bush, which hails from South America. The Coca leaf since its discovery has been chewed and brewed into tea in the South America by the native people for appetite purposes. The leaf is then extracted and then processed to create cocaine hydrochloride, freebase and crack. The group of drug which cocaine belongs to is known as ‘stimulants ‘which accelerates the speed of messages passed between the brain and body.

Mostly Cocaine is snorted while it is commonly injected too by the drug users.

It has been evident that cocaine is highly addictive and hard to deal with because you need to take higher dose of it than that of previous one in order to have the same effects. The cocaine user has both physical and physiological difficulties depending on their consumption. And they would feel that practicing cocaine would be more important than other activities in their life and it leads in creating difficulties in socializing with others.

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