Top 10 Most Addictive Drugs

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7. Psilocybin Mushrooms

Psilocybin Mushrooms- top 10 most addictive drugsMushrooms are not even plants. They are fungus. Varieties of them contain vitamins and essential nutrients required by a body. They are good source of nutrients and generally recognized as a substitute for meat products by the vegetarian world. However it is not the same case for all of its types as there are inedible mushrooms and mushrooms that contains drugs too. One of the mushrooms that is generally abused by the drug user is Psilocybin mushrooms. These mushrooms may have been in use since early 9000 B.C.

These are commonly used in alternate to LSD which in common have same effect and both of it effects the central nervous system. You might call it a shorter version of LSD. But like LSD, these mushrooms do not cause hallucinations or any vision of any things but instead it changes the perception of any objects. It causes dizziness, nausea and stomach problems and in some case one may complain of loss of appetite too. But these problems eventually come to end when the trip comes to an end.

6. Ecstasy

ecstasy- most addictive drugsOriginally known as MDMA, ecstasy was developed by Merck pharmaceutics in the 1910s. It was first used in wars and psychotherapy treatments. But with the inclination of its popularity, people started using it as a party drug. By the 1980s, Ecstasy was a hotshot in finding happiness. You can find it in the street with the names like ‘hug drug’, ‘love drug’, ‘Cadillac’ and few more. It is known that Ecstasy disrupts the ability of a person to concentrate. They can also have sleep disorders, mood swings and memory problems. It is found that people might need the help of other drugs to get through the pain after getting down from the effect of ecstasy. Plus, you cannot take the same amount of drug to have feeling. You need to increase the dose every time you take another shot! Also known as molly, this drug is sold as thin pills. The powder is taken by sniffed or swallowed.

5. Marijuana

Marijuana- most addictive drugsMarijuana, also known as Cannabis is rolled in a stick, which is called a joint. Sativa plant’s leaves, flowers and stem are dried and then processed into small pieces to provide people with what we call a joint, bong or nail. The THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) chemical found in marijuana tampers brain functions.  If you go down the streets and ask for ‘skunk’, ‘weed’, ‘Mary Jane’, you will end up having marijuana in your hands. Marijuana alters your senses. People claim to feel good after ‘getting high’ with cannabis. The user’s heart starts beating faster too.  If one continues to use marijuana for years, his brain might stop working efficiently. Over that, the person’s senses might be affected too. The users could get psychosis; a mental state with hallucinations and delusions.  Marijuana is an addictive drug which also has withdrawal effects on the users.

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