Top 10 Most Addictive Drugs

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4. Opium

Opium- most addictive drugsOpium is extracted from opium poppy seed. It is an addictive narcotic drug. Opium contains approx. 12 % of morphine which is illegally used in processing heroin. It has legal use while producing various kinds of medicines too. There are generally short and long term effects of using it as a drug. It leads in causing euphoria, calm drowsiness and it often slows the breathing which may result in unconsciousness and later on till death.  Opium users will need more physical dependency and the regular use of it will mean that it would lead to drug tolerance leading in the more regular use of opium. The more danger comes when one tends the use of opium with other substances that has adverse effects on nervous system. If used with substance like alcohol it increases to the potential of life threatening diseases.

3. Methamphetamine

methamphetamine- most addictive drugsMethamphetamine is extremely addictive and more often forms with the white order bitter tasting crystalline powder. It can be precisely smoke, sniffed, or dissolved in alcohol or even water. But the drug user is often caught while using it with injection or drinking it. Methamphetamine is also used by entering it into anus. This process leads in the faster effects on mind and body of the user. But the effects of it only last for a limited period which leads in the overdose of Methamphetamine amongst the users. People using it crave for more because methamphetamine is claimed to give happiness and satisfaction when used. The user becomes highly dependent on it. Methamphetamine, which is tagged as a ‘schedule II drug’, is infrequently prescribed by the doctors to relieve ADD (attention deficit disorder).

2. LSD

LSD- most addictive drugs

It is basically a Lysergic acid that can be found in ergot fungus which grows on rye and other grains.  It was then given the title of ‘dangerous class A drug’. It was experimented on different things concerning medicinal purposes. Whilst it was experimental phase, it was then tested on a guy, who ended up climbing the tree to feed the birds. Nowadays, these drugs mostly are produced out of illegal labs in the United States. LSDs are mainly sold to the users in the form of small tablets (“microdots”), capsules or gelatin squares. LSD users mainly experience the flashbacks and often a recurrence of the LSD trip without warning after taking LSD for longer period. The overdose of it may cause ‘over cross’ of your sense power as you start hearing the roads and seeing the sounds. The users even might consider admiring the pleasure of freedom literally standing in an intersection in the busiest of roads.

However the physical effects are less considering the physiological effects of it.

1. Crack Cocaine

crack cocaine- most addictive drugsCrack cocaine is a type of cocaine addressed ‘crack’ because of the ‘crack’ sound it makes when it is heated. This cocaine is usually formed in rock crystal form. It is then heated, snorted, smoked or sniffed. It usually has the looks like white or yellow colored rocks.  Crack cocaine is a very expensive drug that is why it is named ‘a rich man’s drug’. It has various nicknames like ‘evil drug’, ‘crumbs’, ‘cookies’, hotcake’, ‘hard ball’ and few more. It is an illegal drug and falls under the category of ‘schedule II drug’ with few other drugs like methamphetamine. Its effects include increased heart beat, rise in body temperature, euphoric effect which leads to paranoia with excessive use. High use of Crack cocaine can result in the ulcer or cancer of the mucous membrane in the nose.

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Drug use could give you pleasure for a time being but you know it is going to kill you sooner or later. Even if we fall into drug addiction, there are ways you can get you out of it too. But it is always better to prevent yourself from falling into drug addiction. With enough support from your family and your goodwill can help you have control back in your life. So why let the medicines take your life?

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