Top 10 Amazingly Brilliant Prodigies In The World

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7. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Wolfgang Mozart- Amazingly brilliant prodigy of all times

One of the most renown and famous prodigies of all times, Mozart is well-remembered for his astonishing musical compositions at an age, normal people hear the name of the first musical instrument. Mozart learned piano at the age of 4. He composed his first pieces at the age of 5 and by 8, he had written a beautiful symphony. A real sense of music filled in the very soul of this genius. Young Mozart was quiet a celebrity. Unfortunately, Mozart had to leave the world at a small age of 35 years.

6. John von Neumann

John von Neumann- amazingly brilliant prodigy

Born in 1903, John von Neumann, at the age of 8, amused his parents by glancing at a phonebook and reciting the whole pages verbatim. He was able to divide 8-digit numbers in his head at the age of 6, and also completed learning Calculus at the age of 8. Ranging from the smallest of power chips used in a cell phone to the most sophisticated computer in the world, virtually, are all “von Neumann machines”. Hungarian mathematician John von Neumann had his hand from Quantum Physics to U.S. policy, in his lifespan.

5. Akim Camara

Akim Kamara- Brilliant Child Prodigy

At an age where we were wet in nappies and in shower in a ‘no-tears’ shampoo, Germany-born Akim Camara began playing Violin and stood-out to be a notable prodigy in the music industry. Despite being a kid of 2, Akim had the gift of remembering the music he heard. Tackling Akim’s gibberish, the toddler was provided with violin lessons at the age of two at the Marzahn-Hellersdorf school of music. Camara was invited to Kerkrade, Netherlands by Dutch violinist Andre Rieu, where the 3-year old stunned the orchestra members with a studio performance.

4. Tanishq Matthew Abraham

Tanishq Abraham- Brilliant child prodigy

An American-Indian child-genius, who, along with his sister Tiara Abraham, displayed an extra-ordinarily high IQ at a small age, is the youngest student to be enrolled in American River College. This 10-year old, currently spending most of his time with people twice or even thrice his age at the institution, frequently provides lectures to them as well. At the age of 8, Tanishq successfully completed intensive biotechnology course with an ‘A’ grade. This physics wonder-kid has other interests as well. He is inclined towards music and appears to have taken a piano training at the age of 3, currently being a part of the San Francisco Boys’ Chorus.

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