Top 10 Amazingly Brilliant Prodigies In The World

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3. Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso- amazingly brilliant prodigy

The most renowned name in the art industry, Pablo Picasso, stands out to be one of the few brilliant child prodigies the world has ever seen. Before the age of 12, Pablo had learned all the basics of art and begun sketching real-looking anatomical pictures. In his early teens, he was considered much of a professional artist and had also taken this as his profession.

2. Kim Ung-Yong

Kim Ung Yong- amazingly brilliant prodigy

Born in 1963 in Korea, Kim, began speaking at the age of 6 months,(we were struggling for a gibberish), and to everyone’s surprise, was able to speak more than 4 languages frequently at the age of 3. At 4, Kim scored above 200 in IQ test normally given to 7 year olds and was eventually recorded in the Guinness Book of World records for the highest IQ in a person which resulted to a 210. At the age of 13, Kim was solving complex differential and integral calculus problems. Kim is currently a civil engineer.

1. William James Sidis

William James Sidis- amazingly brilliant prodigy of all times

Considered as the smartest human being of all times, William James Sidis stands out as the #1 prodigy in our list, with an estimated IQ of more than 250. Although, he had the same size of skull and brain as of the modest people, his IQ stands out to be more than twice our IQ. At an age of 18 months, when we would know nothing but to wet our nappies and suckle or mother’s breast, William James Sidis was able to read. At the small age of seven, he had written 4 books, moreover was fluent in 8 languages. At Harvard, what stands out to be the best university in the globe, Sidis delivered a lecture at the age of 9 and could join the university at the age of 11. He later proved out to be a mastermind in the field of mathematics and cosmology.

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A lot of people have the interest and zeal to learn various stuffs and they go for it; they take time to understand the task, learn the steps, and adjust themselves in the task. But, there’s a rare species of learners who in Day 1 catch up in the track and perform what normal people would take years to perform. Gifted by nature these prodigies have the special ability to go with flow in a particular field, and it only takes a moment for them to be familiar in the field. Irrespective of what people mention of their innate quality, their struggle and hard-work for the excellence they have achieved is worth a salute.

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