Top 10 Anger Management Techniques

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 7. Try solving problems

solve problems

It can be helpful to identify what made us angry in the first place. However,it is more important to focus on a way to handle and face the problems rather than focusing  or finding the solution.

Approaching it with best interest and efforts and making serious attempts will likely to solve the problem. Just finding a solution to a problem is likely to put a person to same situation over and over again.

6. Cognitive thinking

cognitive thinking

The unhelpful way of thinking should be avoided. Angry people tend to curse, swear, scorn and put forth completely exaggerated and uncontrolled situation.

Try replacing these thoughts with more rational and substantial ones. Remind one getting angry doesn’t fix anything, that it won’t make us feel better but believe logic always defeats anger.

5. See humor in what angered you

be humorous- top10 best anger management techniques

Casting the incidents that happened to us in past life or yesterday in humorous light, can help to diffuse tension. We should learn from past, and should be able to face any unrealistic expectations in an easy go.

But while practicing humor, we should avoid sarcastic humor, that may be the reason for others humiliation.

4. Sleep

Sleep- best anger management technique

Sleep is a phase where all the damaged cells and neural pathways gets rebuild. Good quality sleep can always help us combat many physical, mental and emotional problems.

The optimum level of good quality sleep is about 7 hours a night.

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