Top 10 Most Beautiful Roman Theaters

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Built in almost all areas during the Roman empire, the Roman theaters date back to the medieval-day Spain spread along the Middle East. With several developments in the ancient architecture due to the technical abilities of the Romans, several theaters with unique attributes were constructed to enhance the Roman glory throughout the world.

Roman theaters were similar to the other buildings in design with semi-circular structure that possessed a unique architectural structure. The major difference between the residential and corporate buildings with the roman theaters is the region where it was constructed. Roman theaters had their own foundations rather than the earthen works possessed in other buildings and were enclosed on all the sides.

After the Theater of Pompey was built, several other beautiful Roman theaters were constructed throughout the Roman era and here we take a look at the top 10 most beautiful roman theaters built throughout the history.

10. The Dougga Roman Theater, Tunisia

The Dougga Roman Theater, Tunisia

Located in a part of the 65 hectare archaeological site in Dougga, an ancient Roman city in the northern part of Tunisia, the Dougga Roman theater is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Believed to enhance the tourism and fame of the city of Dougga- ‘a small Roman town in North Africa’, the Roman theater was built in 2nd century AD and could hold 3,500 spectators.

The presence of this Roman theater in Tunisia has also protected the city of Dougga from the encroachment of modern urbanization thus preserving the ancient culture. With only about 5,000 residents in this city, the theater is used for several performing arts during the festival of Dougga.

9. The Roman theater of Amman, Jordan

The Roman theater of Amman, Jordan

Built during the imperial of Antonius Pius (138-161 CE), the Roman theater of Amman has a seating capacity of over 6,000. With its foundations made in the hillside, it was built facing north so as to keep the sun off the spectators inside the theater.

The steepness of the cavea is so designed that voice can clearly be heard to any corner of the theater while the sightlines are excellent from any position. “The Gods” is the name of the highest level of seats inside the theater where emperors and people of high ranks found themselves seated to enjoy the jovial age of their Roman era.

8. The Roman theater at Palmyra, Syrian Desert

The Roman theater at Palmyra, Syrian Desert

Built in ancient Palmyra, the Roman theater at Palmyra is an unfinished theater build during the 2nd century. Located on the south-west region of the main colonnaded street in Palmyra, the theater has an unfinished cavae of 92 meters and consists of only one ima cavea with the lowest section surrounding the orchestra.

The Roman theater at Palmyra holds the statue of Emperor Nero which was recovered after the clearance of sands and restoration of the building in the early 1950s. Today, the theater serves as the venue for the annual Palmyra festival.

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