Top 10 Most Beautiful Roman Theaters

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7. The Roman theater of Augusta Raurica, Switzerland

The Roman theater of Augusta Raurica, Switzerland

Built initially as a town centre to conduct several religious festivals, playhouse and political meetings, the Roman theater of Augusta Raurica dates back to the early Christian Era. The theater became a commercial building by the 2nd century AD and included a seating capacity of 8,000 to 10,000.

After being damaged by earthquake in 250 AD, the Alemanni tribes conquered the city and the Roman theater became a part of the military position. This beautiful Roman theater is also the best preserved ancient theater in the Alps which is still an impressive backdrop for several events in the city together with sight seeing.

6. Roman theater of Fiesole, Florence

Roman theater of Fiesole, Florence

The ancient roman civilization flourished through several parts in the world and left one of its finest marks in Fiesole, where the remains of ancient theater is present. Nestled in the most magical way, the Roman theater of Fiesole built in the early first century is preserved amid the hills, the green.

An auditorium for several festivals, dance, music, comedies and tragedies, the Roman theater had a capacity of over 2500 people. The renovation and reconstruction work in the 19th century brought back the old parts intact to make it one of the most beautiful Roman theaters in the world.

5. Plovdiv Roman theater, Bulgaria

Plovdiv Roman theater, Bulgaria

Despite being refereed to as an amphitheater, the architecture in the city center of Plovdiv is a traditional Roman theater. The Plovdiv Roman theater, also named as the ancient theater of Philippopolis was build during the time of Emperor Trajan (98-117 AD) and is one of the major tourist attractions today in Bulgaria.

The Plovdiv Roman theater was place where Roman gladiators fought with animals to show their strength. With over 7,000 seats in this beautiful Roman theater, several archeological excavations were done to bring it back to the original shape, which is considered to be one of the finest achievements of the Conservation School in Bulgaria.

4. The Roman Theater of Emerita Augusta, Mérida, Spain

Roman theater in Mérida. Emerita Augusta


Built during 16 to 15 BCE by the consul Vipsanius Agrippa in the Roman city of Emerita Augusta (currently Merida, Spain), the Roman theater of Emerita Augusta is one of the largest archaeological sites in Spain. Also a UNESCO heritage, the theater went through several renovations in the early 2nd century during the rule of Trajan which saw the facade of the scaenae frons being added while a walkway was built during Constantine I.

However, in the Late Antiquity, the theater was abandoned because of which it got covered with early with only the upper tier of seats visible. The Roman Theater of Emerita Augusta is also known as ‘The Seven Chairs’ according to the folklore which speaks of several Moorish kings to be seated in the theater in deciding several development and protection strategies of the city.

Considered to be the most beautiful Roman theater in Spain, it is also used today for several performing arts during the Merida Classical Theater Festival.

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