Top 10 Beautifully Engineered Architectural Structures

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7. Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Spain

Guggenheim Museum- beautifully engineered architectural structures

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao is one of the remarkable deconstructivist structure designed by architect Frank O. Gehry. The museum of modern and contemporary art funded by Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation was open to public in 1997. The museum building is bold signature of architect Gehry which made him starchitect.

Architect Gehry has used his notable materials in the building, titanium and glass, which has made the structure sculpture-like. The smooth and wavy exterior is similar to that of Walt Disney Concert Hall in USA by the same architect. The museum building is noticeable for its characteristic design, and is celebrated as one of the greatest building of 20th century. The building has quite an imaginative and subtle form that isn’t only functional to the myriad of collections, but is also captivating with its unique style. As in his other projects, architect Gehry used special mathematical software to design the building which made the amazing structure possible to be established. The inventive design of building has inspired global trend of architecture along with the concept of post-modernism. The design of the museum building has sumptuously expressed the cultural dynamism of Bilbao city in an urbanite picture. Since its opening, the museum building has been hosting several international exhibitions and art installations.

6. Fallingwater House, USA

Fallingwater House- beautifully engineered architectural structures

Fallingwater House is the one of the greatest masterworks of architect Frank Llyod Wright, for which he was recognized as ‘the greatest American architect of all time’. Built in 1935, Fallingwater House is known as ‘the best all-time work of American architecture’. The residence was originally built for a successful businessman from Pittsburgh, Edgar Kauffman Sr., which Kauffman Jr. donated to Western Pennsylvania Conservancy in 1963. The building was titled the National Historic Landmark of USA in 1966. Fallingwater House is considered as the most beautiful work of Wright, but interestingly, he is said to have designed the building within 3 hours after several postponements with the client.

Notable of organic and modern architecture, the Fallingwater House is standing upon a monolithic foundation under which a waterfall runs expeditiously; and thus the name for Kauffman Residence comes, the Fallingwater House. It was specially designed T-shaped steel beams which made the extensive cantilevers in the building possible. The design of the building is feature of natural and simple geometric expression of architect Wright. Fallingwater is an extraordinary genius of architect Wright inspired by stimulating nature and its organism. Resting in an exquisite setting of rural panorama, the building attracts more than 150,000 visitors a year.

5. National Assembly Building, Bangladesh

National Assembly Building- beautifully engineered architectural structuresThe Dhaka National Assembly Building, also known as Jatiyo Sangsad Bhaban, is the most cherished work of master architect Louis I. Kahn. The construction of the building began in 1961, when the territory of Bangladesh was under Pakistan, and with huge conflict it took almost 22 years to complete. Architect Kahn couldn’t see his building completed, but the building turn out to be one of the best and eloquent structures of 20th century architecture. The glory of the building has been featured in a 2003 documentary film, ‘My Architect’, directed by architect Kahn’s son, Nathaniel Kahn.

The National Parliament Building of Bangladesh has been set monumentally with axial symmetry giving splendid dignity to the building. Architect Kahn used his favorite material, brick and reinforced concrete, in shaping the building contained with modern architecture. The design of the Assembly Complex is quite philosophical and iconic where architect Kahn has meticulously put his beautiful and prominent thought of silence and light. Kahn also integrated relevant landscape and a lake in the Assembly Complex along with residential aptitude, making it one of the largest parliament buildings in the world. The National Parliament Building of Bangladesh is of international importance with its exceptional value in examples of modern architecture. The building has been a famous tourist attraction, people being lured by its sophisticated beauty; and the assembly complex is open to visitors except the main building.

4. Sydney Opera House, Australia

Sydney Opera House- beautifully engineered architectural structures

Sydney Opera House was designed by architect Jorn Utzon in 1957. It is considered as one of the masterpieces of 20th century architecture. The construction was completed in 1973 and consequently listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2007 considering its outstanding world value.Today, Australia is famous worldwide for this magnificent structure.

The Opera House is taken as a profound example of an expressionist architectural style with modernistic approach. Its striking design is a poetic creation of Utzon. It consists of huge precast concrete shells composed of sections of sphere, which has given it an iconic and monumental grandeur at the same time.The grand scale of the building, rhythmic pattern of concrete shells and organic form of the building is self-sufficient to justify its architectural meaning. The functional aspect of the building is also well-organized. As a theatre, it contains large concert hall, drama theatre and playhouse with ambient interior and a welcoming forecourt with open-air venue. Every year, about eight million people come here to witness the majestic beauty of the building with their senses remaining awe-struck. Sydney Opera House is only the one of its kind and unique of its architectural identity.

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