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Very few Hollywood followers might be unfamiliar with the name Al Pacino. One of the greatest actors the world has ever seen, Al Pacino has left quite an enduring and telling effect in the Hollywood to be remembered for long.

The New York born actor is best known for his forceful drama presentation and is greatly admired on the regard.  Born in 1940, he saw himself as a stage performer and pursued his dream since the very beginning. He featured in movie Me, Natalie, the first of his. He took little time then to burst out into the scene in 1970s which is considered as one of film’s greatest decades. Since then he has played his role in many movies and developed a firm reputation in Hollywood. He has collected one Oscar award for his performance in “Scent of a Women” and has several others movies to his name that are really worth watching. Al Pachino movies on Netflix are among the most watched movies while they are also popular on other platforms like hulu.

Among many, here is a list of the best movies to his name.

10. …And Justice for All

And Justice for all Best Al Pacino movie

…And Justice for All is indeed one of the best movies of Al Pacino yet is placed on the tenth position on our list. Though the movie is of late 1970s, the movie is ever enchanting even now. It is regarded as one of the movie which saw Al Pacino’s stock rise in Hollywood as he was nominated in Oscar award for Best Actor in a Leading Role. He also got to be nominated for Golden Globes award in Best Motion Picture Actor – Drama.

In the movie, Al Pacino is deployed as a lawyer named Arthur Kirkland who is made to defense a judge he abhors against a rape conviction. The drama, crime and thriller movie depicts the typical forceful acting of Al Pacino.

9. The Godfather: Part III

The God Father III best Al Pacino movie

Whenever Al Pacino is envisaged, the movie that comes first in the mind of many people is indeed Godfather. Just like others, the third sequel of trilogy was a perfect culmination for one of the most successful series on the history of Hollywood. On the movie, Al Pacino as the aging mafia don Michael Corleone, tries to ameliorate his business in Italy and New York and at the same time tries to amend for his sins with a young protégé by his side.

The movie was nominated for seven Oscar awards and it was no more for a movie like that. Al Pacino himself earned a nomination for Golden Globes award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture and only missed as for surprise of many.


8. Carlito’s Way

Carlito's way Best Al Pacino Movie

Carlito’s Way is another popular movie of Al Pacino. Released in 1993, the movie puts Al Pacino as a fellow named Carlito who used to be a convicted criminal and now wants and pledges to keep him away from drugs and violence.

The movie entertains the watchers with the crime, drama and action. This  movie was nominated for two Golden Gloves which however seems just the greatest achievements for the movie.

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