Top 10 Best Al Pacino Movies

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3. The Godfather I

The Godfather I Best Al Pachino movie

Very few movies have made such a telling impact at the Hollywood world like that of The Godfather. And with the success of the movie, it became of the most successful movie of Al Pacino himself.  It was his third movie appearance for him in 1972, and his inclusion was a bit surprise as he was chose over other already established names such as Robert De Niro, Robert Redford and others yet won the hart of many with his flair tale.

Apart from Al Pacino, the movie boasts some of the legends of Hollywood such as twice Oscar won Marlon Brando and five times Oscar won Producer Francis Ford Coppola. The movie alone won three Oscars and five Golden Globes whereas Al Pacino got to be nominated of the both prestigious awards.

2. The Godfather: Part II

The Godfather II best al pacino movie

Godfather is arguably the best film that acquaints Al Pacino. Among the three serials of the movie, the second part is probably the best and is overall one of the most successful movies of Al Pacino. Before the release of the movie in 1974, it was anticipated to be a great hit and the movie did not disappoint anyone. The movie went on to be one of the best movies the world has ever seen and bagged six Oscar awards alone and many other laurels.

Among them Al Pacino was nominated for the Leading role but eventually could not get it. The movie collected gross revenue of about $200 million in the return of about $15 million invested.

1. Scarface

Scarface Al Pacino best movie

Scarface is a legendary gangster film of Hollywood and probably the best of Al Pacino. The 170 minutes movie was first released in 1883 and became quite a hit. In the film, Al Pacino featured as a Cuban immigrant Tony Montana who is succumbed by the ambition, covetousness and the greed of acquiring wealth from illicit business. So overwhelmed by the greed and ambition, he would go as far to take over an entire cartel only to see his own greed dig his own coffin.

Tthe film is an assortment of crime, romance, family drama, comedy and action and as the result of which it became focal of many viewers.The movie won was nominated for three Golden Globes and remains the apex achievements in terms of laurels and is often remembered for one of the movies undeservedly left out of Oscars.


Al Pacino has undoubtedly built a firm reputation in Hollywood with his unique and stiff style of acting. He may have featured in few movies; however, he is already one of the best the world cinemas have ever presented. Whoever calls them a frequent Hollywood movie viewer has slim chances to leave out Al Pacino’s movies, like mentioned above. However if one has left any movies like listed above, it’s better not to take any more time.

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