Top 10 Best Chess Players In History

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7. Viswanathan Anand (1969- Present)

[alert-note] Peak ELO Rating 2766, Chessmetrics Rating: 2836 [/alert-note]

Vishwanathan Anand- best ever world chess champion in historyIndian Chess Grandmaster, Vishwanathan Anand is a tactical genius and has a super-fast movement on the board. A confident, quick and aggressively attacking minded chess player, his defense are equally solid on the grounds. He started out his chess career winning the 1987 World Junior Chess Championship and also won the gold in Asian Zonal chess Championship 1990. He went ahead of Karpov in the Alekhine Memorial in 1992. He also won the 1994 Melody Amber taking against Kasparov, Ivanchuk and Kramnic. He won the FIDE World Cup in 2000 beating Bareev of China in 1.5-0.5. He became undisputed world Champion for five years from 2007-2013 which was ended by losing to Magnus Carlsen.

6. Emmanuel Lasker (1868-1941)

[alert-note] Peak ELO Rating: 2720, Chessmetrics Rating: 2886 [/alert-note]

Emmanuel Lasker- best chess player in the world historyA defensive risk taker and a fighter who turned many lost game to victories, Emmanuel Lasker is an American chess player considered to be the supreme tactical genius. Also a chess psychologist, Lasker could study every moves of his opponents which made them uncomfortable even with their best moves. With legendary endgame tactics, Lasker’s play is considered to be clear like a limpid water with dashes of poison in his moves. His first title was the Breslau German masters in 1889. He went off this royal game of chess for 10 years and came back in the 7th World Chess Championship in 1907 to win against Frank Marshall with 8 wins and 7 draws.

He went ahead of Capablanca, Marshall, Alekhine and Tarrash in the 1914 St. Petersburg competition but lost it in 1921 against Capablanca which ended his world Champion record of 27 years. But again, he went ahead of Capablanca and Alekhine in 1924 New York International. Lasker has the highest win percent of 66, a highest any world Champion has.

5. Anatoly Karpov (1951- present)

[alert-note] Peak ELO Rating: 2725, Chessmetrics Rating: 2815[/alert-note]

Anatoly Karpov- best chess player in historyRussian born Anatoly Karpov had extraordinary positional understanding and played a very high positional chess. Played without any mistakes in the game and not taking any risks, Karpov beat his opponent each single time utilizing their slightest inaccuracy. Known for his unparalleled endings, he had a very repertoire opening in the game but had a solid game in between. Karpov became World Junior Chess Champion in 1969 and in Nice Olympiad of 1974, he scored 12 out of 14 and won a gold medal. He also became the world Champion for 10 years since 1975 to 1985. He went on to play the 1984 World Chess Championship for straight five months before the game came to a halt where he had 5 wins and 3 losses against Gary Kasparov. He lost to Kasparov in the rematch of 1985 and again in 1986 but drew in 1987. Karpov is one of the most successful players in Chess tournament history with over 140 wins in major events.

4. Alexander Alekhine (1892-1946)

[alert-note] Peak ELO Rating: 2690, Chessmetrics Rating: 2827 [/alert-note]

Alexander Alekhine- best chess player in historyA true chess genius, imaginative attacker and tactician, Alexander Alekhine is a French chess legend who was known for his originality of chess moves. With many contribution to the chess theory, his attacks were regarded to come out of nowhere. People believed that beating him needed to win him during the start, in the middle and the end of the game. He participated in a total of 87 tournaments in his lifetime and won 50 out of them. He was behind Lasker and Capablanca in 1924 but won the first Baden- Baden in 1925; the first international tournament in Germany after the First World War. He even challenged Capablanca in 1926 and finally in 1927 he beat him in the World Chess Championship. But he refused to have a rematch with Capablanca which defamed him a bit in the Chess history. He holded the title of Champion for 17 years and died as a champion in 1946.

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