Top 10 Best Film School Universities 2014

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7. University for the Creative Arts

[alert-note] Location: England, UK | Established: 2005 [/alert-note]

University for the Creative Arts- best university for film school studiesThis is a great university devoted especially to the creative trades. It has five campuses spread over the Southeast England. They are Kent Institute of Art and Design, Canterbury College of Art, Maidstone College of Art, Medway College of Design and Surrey Institute of Art and Design. Over 7,000 students are enrolled. Film can be studied at any one of three amazing campuses at Canterbury, Farnham and Rochester.

The programs offered are BA (Hons) on Film Production, BA (Hons) on Creative Arts for Theatre and Film and MA in Fine Art for Artists’ Film, Video and Photography. In spite of its relative short existence, the alumni from this university have gone on to achieve prestigious awards at film festivals around the world.

Notable alumni: Suzie Templeton, Daniel Greaves, James Swain 

6. Hong Kong Baptist University

[alert-note] Location: Kowloon, Hong Kong |Established: 1956, 1994 (granted full status)[/alert-note]

Hong Kong Baptist University- best university for film studiesAlthough the sole entry from Asia, Hong Kong Baptist University is nevertheless a great place for film studies. The Academy of Film under the university’s school of communication was established in 1970 and has been producing great talents since then. HKBU has an impressive resident faculty with 35 lecturers being from the film industry.

The academy offers Professional Program in Film as Higher Diploma. It also offers BSSC Honors program at the undergraduate level as well as MFA program at the postgraduate level. Areas of study in these programs include film, video and photography. The other distinct aspects of movies cinematography, sound, editing, and animation are also covered.

Notable alumni: Felix Chong, Zhang Duanyang, Lia Yan Chi

5. Columbia University

[alert-note] Location: Upper Manhattan, New York, USA | Established: 1754 [/alert-note]

Columbia University- best university for film school studiesColumbia University is one of the oldest and most revered universities of the world for almost all disciplines. The chapter of this university for film studies is the School of Arts. It was founded in 1948. It works closely with the Arts Initiative at Columbia University and also organizes the Columbia University Film Festival every year.

The school offers MFA degrees in Film, Theatre and Writing. MFA in Visual Arts is also available for students. An MA degree in Film Studies can also be pursued. It also offers undergraduate film studies major program. The major highlight of the school are however its Maters programs.

Notable alumni: Kathryn Bigelow, Simon Kinberg, Kiran Desai

4. York University

[alert-note] Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Established: 1959 [/alert-note]

York University- best university for abroad studiesYork University is the third largest Canadian university. Its Department of Film was founded in 1969 and has a reputation for putting a priority on the modern film as work of art rather than merely an industry. The department trains 450 undergrad majors and 75 graduate students every year.

The undergraduate degrees offered are Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Arts with Honors and Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honors. Meanwhile at the graduate and post-graduate level, students can earn MAs, MFAs and PhDs. The film projects of students in these various programs have won many awards till date, particularly in worldwide short film festivals.

Notable alumni: Rachel McAdams, Laura Vandervoort, Raymond Thompson  

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