Top 10 Best Hiking Trails In the World

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7. Petra through Back door, Jordan

Petra through back door- best hiking trail in the worldPetra is one of the largest historical and archaeological sites situated between Dead Sea and Red Sea which was a major trading centre of Romans during prehistoric times. The Petra through Back Door extends from Dana Reserve to Petra where hikers pass by juniper-filled valleys, rugged landscapes and vast deserts. The 50 miles trail traverses through rough terrain to narrow canyons and stairs in red and white sandstones finally reaching the exquisite Al Deir, a grand monastery in Petra. The rediscovered city of Petra makes the six-seven days long itinerary really satisfying and memorable.


6. Torres del Paine, Chile

Torres del Paine, Chile- best trekking routes in the worldAlso known as the Chilian Panatgonia, Torres Del Paine is one of the most beautiful places on earth. The hike takes two forms: W circuit that takes four-five days or ten days long hike along Torres del Paine National Park. The spellbound beauty of these trails enraptures hikers no matter which plan they follow. The picturesque hills and the magnetic mountain ranges with hanging glaciers add an extra tinge of keenness to strides. If you ever craved for something very impeccable, then it’s time to think about this life-rewarding pursuit.

5. The Narrows, USA

The Narrows, USA- best hiking routes in the worldThis awe-aspiring 16 miles hiking takes its route along the narrowed and stretched walls of the canyon craved by the Virgin River. The crimson sandstones in these soaring walls are embellished with the sprouting natural springs and tangled hanging gardens. Narrows is not entirely a trail; one hikes through more than half of the route along the river. The water level varies from waist-high in some places to low stream-like in other, also demanding swimming skills in some parts.

4. Tongarriro Northern Circuit, New Zealand

Tongarriro Northern Circuit, New Zealand- best hiking trails around the worldThe Tongarriro Northern circuit circumnavigates Mount Ngauruhoe, one of the most active volcanoes in Tongariro National Park, North Island. The route takes about 3-4 days and commences and ends in Whakapapa Village. Whakapapa Village offers sight to quaint stream beds, volcanic views and ancient lava flows. Next is a steep ascent to Oturere Hut that encompasses the Blue and Emerald Lakes with their impeccable colors owing to thermal rocks.  The trail from Oturere Hut to Waihohonu Hut and finally to Whakapapa village takes 2 days of the total 4 days of the trek. The 43.1 km circuit is the place of extremes for one can locate blue glacier to volcanic craters, deserted valleys to lush forest. It’s unique and stunning landscapes with not so demanding trail is a great attraction ranking it among one of the best trails around the world. Did the trail remind you of something? Yes, “Lord of the Rings” saga was filmed around the summits of circuit.

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