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Wake up early, dress up well and obey your boss!!! Well, people don’t love their life scheduled to go this very way in today’s world. People need freedom at whatever they are good at. And yes, freelancing websites offer you the best way to make a handsome income making you your own boss. If you are someone who does love to work with your computer, you need to get started with freelancing jobs online.

A lot of people search through the web about getting online jobs and end up banging their head on the table for not finding something that could best suit them for work. And if you are thinking of working online and searching for what is required, you’ll just need a PC or a laptop and an internet connection to get started.¬†Here, we list the top 10 best websites for online jobs that could help you manage your income and make a great online career working with your internet and utilizing your knowledge at whatever you’re good at.

10. Peopleperhour

peopleperhour-best online job is a freelancing website that pays its workers on an hourly rate. This hourly rate has been the beneficial payment way for both of the client and the freelancer. The time for which the freelancer works is calculated using a tool called tahometer. Several works on design, wordpress, SEO, article writing, software development, online business etc. are carried on through this site. One good thing is that you can get endorsed through your friends and endorse them as well to boost the ranking. Invite and earn is another feature that offers freelancers to earn a good money through this site. Also, the site provides android and iOS apps for its users. This UK based company is running since 2007 and was named in the Europe’s 100 Hottest Startups of 2012.

9. Seoclerks


seoclerks-best online job might be one of the best website for freelancers that contains most of the seo related jobs. Most of the jobs here include link building, data entry, article writing, translations, audio and video work, web hosting, directory submission etc. One can write blog articles, tweets, books and software reviews and earn through this site. Together with this, we can also find works related to Social media Marketing that includes increasing facebook likes, tweeter followers, youtube views and likes, blog comments that can help in ranking a website to a good level. All you need to do is grab a gig posted in the site and start working on it.

8. Microworkers

Microworkers-best online jobs can be regarded as the best platform for people who want to start working online. One can work on several micro works like liking a facebook page, retweeting on twitter, forum posting, blog commenting, youtube commenting and several other small tasks that are easy to perform. The pay rate for each of the task might seem to be low in the beginning but once the number of works you do increase, you payrate will gradually increase.

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