Top 10 Best Pizza Toppings

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Pizza toppings are available in diverse variety nowadays, albeit ham, pepperoni, anchovies, sweet corn, olives or mushrooms. The stuffed flat bread not only marks as a favorite delicacy around the world but is diverse in its embellishment. These toppings vary with regional taste and the availability of the local food. Green peas stuffed pizzas are popular in Brazil, Indians include paneer, and Pakistani pizzas even have curries as toppings while pizzerias in Costa Rica stuff coconut. In Russia, an unusual combination of sardines, tuna, mackerel, salmon, and onions is mixed to make ‘mockba’ as topping.

Pizza has been considered as one of the best health diets that can help in avoiding of fat loss as well and pizza also is known for some great facts. However, with a proper and healthy pizza topping choice, the choice is different. A proper and well balanced choice will help in building of muscle mass and also stripping off the body fat to give a perfect shape to the body.

Here are the most popular pizza toppings preferred all over the globe.

10.  Pineapple pizza topping

pineapple pizza toppingsEver craved for something sweet and sour that is yet hot and zesty? Pineapple is the answer. These coalesced berries give zippy taste to your taste buds when used as toppings. The sweetness of fruit along with the bubbly cheese or mixed with juicy ham are pleasant to all as they coat mouth.

9. Green Pepper pizza topping

Green pepper pizza toppingDo you have a special affinity for spicy food? Then crisp, sliced green peppers are quintessential as toppings for your pizzas. These sliced peppers add a spicy and acrid which combine to give a great flavor. Green peppers are combined with onions, tomato sauce, cheese, ham and other toppings to furnish a unique flavor. Green pepper blended with mushroom and onion combine to form a supreme cuisine.

8. Ham pizza topping

Ham pizza toppingHam, cured and processed meat from the hind leg of swine, is another topping on the list. Varieties of ham are available fresh, cured and sometimes smoked. Ham in combination with cheese imparts an excellent flavor to pizza. It is also combined with wide range of other toppings like black pepper, onion and tomato to add zip to the pleasant salty flavor of ham. A combination of ham and pineapple as topping is popular as “Hawaiian pizza” is famous in Australia.

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