Top 10 Best Pizza Toppings

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7. Bacon pizza topping

Egg and bacon pizza toppingsThere is a cookbook by Sara Perry titled “Everything tastes better with bacon”. No wonder bacon is top on chart of pizza toppings .The blend of pleasant salty and musty flavor of bacon is a strong preference of younger age groups. When it comes to gender, studies suggest that men are more likely to order bacon than women. The relatively high fat content of the cured pork meat put it back in the list of women for they tend to be more health conscious than men.

6. Olive pizza topping

Olive pizza toppingsOlive stuffed pizzas are the popular choices of vegetarians after mushroom and cheese. Studies suggest that mostly elder females prefer olives over other varieties. No matter which age group favors it olives defiantly add extra zip to the flavor.

5. Cheese pizza topping

cheese pizza toppingsCheese gives a creamy and appealing appearance to pizza. Cheese has been in used in pizza since time immemorial. The original version of the modern pizza that was prepared in Italy to honor the queen included mozzarella. Several varieties of cheese are available that differ in texture and appearance. Provolone, that offers sweet mild flavor and distinct piquant taste. Parmigiano Reggiano gives crumbly texture with nutty flavor. Let it be hard Italian cheese, ricotta or the smoky mozzarella there are plenty of us who prefer to have more shiny pizza.

4. Onion pizza topping

Onion pizza toppingsOne might be surprised to hear that the stuffed onion pizzas are one of the most favored toppings all over the world. But yes this endlessly versatile ingredient of countless recipes is also prized for stuffing in pizzerias. With its oodles of tastes, onion offers savoring and deep flavor to pizzas. In addition, onions have innumerable characteristics that ally fight against diseases. They assist in maintaining blood sugar, provide vitamin C and produce good cholesterol. There are two possibilities; either people have grown aware enough to pick healthy cuisines or the sweet and tangy caramelized onions have lavished million taste buds .Either way, these bright colored bulbs are popular toppings around the globe.

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