Top 10 Best Pizza Toppings

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3. Mushroom pizza topping

mushroom pizza toppingsAs non-vegetarian savor the taste of pepperoni or ham, mushroom with its attributes like meat is a prime choice of vegetarians .The delicious flavor of mushroom intrigued Pharaohs so much that it was revered as the food of royals while the Romans regarded it as gift from god and served them only in festive seasons. Today, mushroom is a popular dietary food among people with its low calorific value and high nutrient content. Let it be soup, salad, sandwich or appetizer mushroom are a common appearance nowadays. Thanks to their savory and meaty flavor, mushrooms ranging from white button, portabellas to hedgehog or enokitak are the most favored pizza toppings in the world.

2. Sausage pizza topping

sausage pizza toppingsSausages are ubiquitous. The word “sausage” comes from salsus, the Latin word for “salted.” They have been made for centuries to preserve meat. Thus sausages can be made from any meat beef, pork, chicken, turkey or lamb. The meat is seasoned with variety of herbs and aromatics .The seasoned meat has been a popular assortment in pizzas. Who would not be tempted to have an intermingled juicy meat in hot slices of pizza?

1 .Pepperoni pizza topping

pepperoni pizza toppingPepperoni stands out as the most favored pizza toppings of all times. Pepperoni is nothing but dried, fermented and seasoned pork and beef spiced with pepper. Donkey, horse meat or poultry are also used sometimes to make pepperoni. Unlike most toppings, it does not require cooking. The meat is ground up, mixed with spices and added with curing agents sodium nitrite .Sodium nitrite salts confer the pleasing pink colour to the cuisine. This Italian-American creation is juicy, spicy with meaty chew that can also achieve crisping rim.


The list provides the results of polls taken by various restaurants of the world. In addition to these, chicken and beef toppings are also popular among people. The ranks of the toppings vary depending on the culture and food of the people. Pizzas are rarely stuffed with single type of toppings. Green pepper and onions are preferred over wide range of toppings. As you have gone through the article you must have noted there is no hard and fast rule for embellishing a pizza. It is always exciting to experiment with a new recipe or try a new cuisine. How about intermingling one topping over another creating a new favorite? After we finished having pizza in the restaurant, we departed with an idea that we should surely experiment blending some of these toppings at home.

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