Top 10 Best Robots of 21st Century

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21st century has seen a drastic change in the technological advancements and it has been no time that facts and fictions have had such narrow difference now. With a sky-rocketing pace of these technological advancements regarding different fields of science and technology, it has just been around 25 years since the first robotic pyrotechnics of Terminator turn into reality. The robotic science has bustled itself in an amazing way and have proven itself as a miracle in the field of technology.

There have been very small nanobots invading human cells and perform several medical operations to cure epidemic diseases in the world to large unmanned robots which have shown exemplary performances in battlefields. Most of these technological inventions are mind boggling with the way they perform their operations. Today, the global world has seen several robots serve mankind in the fields of engineering, military, chemical and medical purposes.

Here, in this article we present you with the top 10 best robots in the 21st century that have impressed people with their cool behaviors.

10. WheeMe

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WheeMe is the first even body massaging robot in the world. A palm sized robot, WheeMe caresses and massages the body to provide relaxation with its slow and steady movement throughout the desired body part. A particular function it carries out is steering automatically over the body without even losing its grip which has become possible because of its amazing streamline sensors. WheeMe has been invented by the DreamBots, an Israeli company which has been operating in several parts of US and China since 2011.

9. Curiosity Rover

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Curiosity Rover has been regarded as one of the best robots in the field of scientific studies. It is a car sized robot that is designed to explore several parts of the Mars as a part of the project under NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory Mission (MSL). This car sized robot which is expected to roam around and carry information regarding the environmental conditions in Mars was launched on November 26, 2011. Investigation of climate and geology of Mars is what it is specifically built for. The Curiosity Rover mission to Mars by NASA also is a 10 year long prepared project and will be undergoing several operations until 2020.

8. Pleo

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Pleo is one of the coolest and most appealing techno robot unveiled by Caleb Chung in 2006. It is an animatronic dinosaur that has several lifelike animations which has been created with sophisticated AI technology. Pleo became a fashionable robot among children because of its adaptation capabilities in the environment it is kept. This small robot could analyze color patterns, respond to sound and even make gestures on what is spoken to it. It also showed animal like behavior of sleeping and eating. Pleo was released in 2007.

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