Top 10 Best Robots of 21st Century

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7. PackBot

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Invented in 2001 by iROBOT, PackBots were specifically designed to perform military operation by the US Army in Afghanistan in detection of minefields, clearing bunkers and caves and searching building and hideouts of terrorists in 2002. US military personnel launched around 800 PackBots around Iraq and Afghanistan to carry out several operations in gathering information details regarding war. These PackBots are small running robots which could be deployed very easily and even carried in a backpack. Because of its GPS system and advance sensors it helped in explosive detection and bomb disposal campaigns. It could also analyze the war situation by reading and monitoring the environmental conditions.

6. BigDog

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BigDog is regarded as the best rough terrain robot created by the Boston Dynamics in 2005. As a part of NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory with Foster Miller and the Harvard University Concord Field Station, this 2.5 feet tall and 3 feet long robot weighed just 240 pounds and could carry a weight of 340 pound and run with a speed of 4 miles for hour. It has advance stereo and LIDAR systems for navigation purposes. This robot has also gone a number of renovations to enhance the locomotion and power.

5. I-Sobot

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I-Sobot is also a robot in the Guinness Books of World Records which is considered to be the smallest humanoid robot made in 2008. A robot with a height of just 6.5 inches which weighs 12 ounces made it the best robot in Japan in 2008 because of its advance technology and a very less price of just $300. It could be used for entertainment purposes as this could walk, run, dance with around 2000 moves and even play a guitar. Advanced gyro sensors are used in the robot and it could be controlled by voice commands or remote controls.

4. Stanley

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Stanley is a car robot invented at the Stanford University by Stanford Racing team together with Volkswagen Electronic Research Laboratory (ERL). It is also an award winning robot of cash prize $2 million at the 2005 DARPA robot challenge where it covered 132 miles in just 6 hours and 54 minutes in the course of California’s Mohave Desert. It ran with the average speed of 19 miles per hour in such terrain by analyzing with inbuilt GPS and LIDAR system that helped in position maintenance. Today, this automated car robot is showcased in the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.

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