Top 10 Best Robots of 21st Century

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3. KeepOn

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KeepOn is one of the finest entertainment robot which is a representation of small creature designed to perform natural interaction with non-verbal actions. KeepOn by designed by Hideki Kozima and was released in 2007 at the Miyagi University of Japan. It helped children with autism with its interactive skills which co-ordinated in the social and interpersonal development of their behavior with the surrounding. It is one of the most eliciting motivations in the field of technology which shared its effectiveness among mentally ill and genetically disordered children.

2. Schaft

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Schaft is another award winning robot in the 2013 DARPA Robotics challenge and it was a part of Google’s robot. It is a humanoid robot capable of performing several autonomous tasks that could help in disaster management, construction and design. It has a power equal to that of 10 normal men and also has a precise level of handling and operation. It’s articulated and innovative motors helped in the control of its speed to 2 kilometers in an hour and its exceptional motion balance even after falling down has been something that most of the robots in the world still have not achieved.

1. Titan

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The World’s largest and strongest robot, Titan was manufactured by German industrial robot manufacturer KUKA Robotics in June 13, 2007. This 6-axis robot is also listed as the Strongest Robot in the Guiness book of world records as it could deliver power equal to a medium sized car with its payload of 1000kg generated by the nine motors that it has. Because of its precise handling of several heavy items, it replaced the use of other machineries required in lifting heavy engine blocks, precast concrete parts and several components of ships and aircrafts.


Robots have been  a part of modern day to day lives of every people. Ranging from a small robot that could help in cleaning a floor to robots that reach the deepest point of Marina Trench, the top of Mount Everest in Nepal, fly on moon, handle a natural disaster, diffuse a bomb or even perform automation of several day to day activities, these creative innovations have simplified people to reduce any sort of human effort. These technological advancements have also been a global fashion that have impressed every one with their design, behavior and conduct which has always been making impacts in the science and culture of human activities in a major way.

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