Top 10 Best Selling Books of All Times

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4. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone- J.K. Rowling (1997)

harry potter and the sorcerers stone- best selling novels of all timesHarry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone is the first book in the Harry Potter series written by British writer J. K. Rowling. The book tells a mystical story of wizard Harry Potter and his adventures in the enigmatic world of wizardry with his best friends Hermione and Ron.   The story unfolds with Harry becoming orphan due to murder of his parents by the dark Lord Voldemort. He is raised by his cold uncle aunt and uncle Vernon and Petunia Dursley.  His cousin is a bully and Harry passes a rough childhood.  However a letter that arrives on Harry’s eleventh birthday unravels that he is a wizard and has been accepted to Hogwarts. He learns that his parent’s have left a lofty sum for him and he is one of the famous wizards in Hogwarts. The thrilling tale builds up to describe various events in Hogwarts and ends with Harry’s encounter with Lord Voldemort to protect sorcerer’s stone.  The book has already been adapted for Harry Potter movies series.

3. The Little Prince- Antoine de Saint Exupery (1943)

The Little Prince- Antoine de Saint Exupery (1943)- best selling books of all timesWritten by French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince is the story of a prince who resides in an asteroid and leaves to explore other neighboring asteroids. The novel which was voted as the best book of twentieth century in France is now available in various languages across the world. The philosophical fable is considered to be an allegory of the author himself. The novel begins with a pilot-narrator landing on desert due to plane crash where he meets prince from the asteroid.The narrator is impressed by prince for he interprets the drawing of the narrator correctly unlike other people.

The prince describes he used to takes care of his asteroid and had fallen in love with a rose that sprouted there. The prince believes the rose to be unique. However, after encounter with several roses on his voyage the prince becomes disappointed. The prince later befriends fox who teaches important lessons and makes him realize that the rose is special indeed for it is the only rose he loves. The story ends with the prince returning to his asteroid and the narrator drawing the landscape of the desert and comforting in the sight of stars where he hears the laughter of his beloved friend. Though adopted for children’s publication this beautiful fable cherishes hearts of all walks of life.

2. Lord of the Rings- J.R.R Tolkien (1954)

Lord of the Rings- J.R.R Tolkien (1954)- best selling books of all timesLord of the Rings is a grand fantasy novel written by J. R. R. Tolkien. The epic tale is produced in trilogy as The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and The Return of the King.  The tale revolves around a ring created and lost by Dark Lord Sauron to overrule other rings of power and rule Middle Earth. Lost during battle into a river, the ring is found by river-folk Sméagol who then loses it to Biblo Baggins. The ring is passed by Biblo Baggins to his cousin Frodo Baggins. Young Frodo Baggins is urged by Grandalf, a wizard and old ally of Biblo, to destroy the ring to prevent middle earth from wrath of Dark Lord.

The novel unfolds further into the treacherous pursuit to Mordor, where the ring is finally destroyed. The battle with Orcs, the amusing mischief of Merry and Pippin, stories of Treebeard, the unwavering friendship of Sam and determination of Aragorn are some incredible aspects of tale one cannot forget.

1. A Tale of Two Cities- Charles Dickens (1859)

A Tale of Two Cities- Charles Dickens (1859)- best selling books of all timesFirst published in 1859, Tale of Two Cities tops the rank of bestselling books of all times. The historical novel was originally published in weekly installment in the journal “All the Year Round” .The novel has frequently been incorporated in text for the undergraduate and graduate studies. The novel is a fictionalized account of crucial events that lead to establishment of new republic France. It depicts the struggles and triumphs of French Revolution. Oppression by noblemen leads innocent people into poverty, injustice and inequality. Heroes alter after revolution and public rise seeking vengeance against the former aristocrats eliminating every life that had the comforts of aristocracy.

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The list generated is based on the estimated number of sales. Knowing exact copies sold out is a cumbersome task to follow as some books are published by different publishers. Religious books like Bible, Quran and Bhagwad Geeta are also thought to be sold in millions copies and fall under the bestseller’s list; however the number of sales is entirely unknown for they have existed since time immemorial. Hence the religious books were not incorporated for the generation of the list.

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