Top 10 Best Smartphones in the World

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As technology continues to evolve and improve, the performance of phones is beginning to rival laptops and desktops alike. With premium core processors and high quality cameras, every smartphone manufacturer is racing to create a slick, visually pleasing, all-in-one smartphone.

Many will notice that when it comes to deciding which is truly the best smartphone, specifications are important. However, it’s the unique features that promote both efficiency and productivity that make the difference. If it isn’t the average size of a hand and thin as paper it doesn’t make the list!

Here is our Top 10 Best Smartphones in the World.


10. OnePlus 5


One plus 5 Smartphone


The OnePlus 5 is a great smartphone to buy. It has a elegant, simple design; amazing performance; a decent camera; and it’s cheap. They also included a headphone jack.

So what’s up with it? The border around the display is kinda thick, most phones are moving away from this design. For a phone with narrower borders, such as LG’s G6 and Samsung’s Galaxy S8 you’ll pay about $150 more.

Sadly, the OnePlus 5 appears to out of stock in many stores, including the OnePlus’ site, luckily as of right now Amazon has a limited supply left. It seems like OnePlus has an newer model on the horizon; we have heard the company will be releasing it’s 5t model very soon.


9. Samsung Galaxy S8



galaxy s8


The Galaxy S8 is a gorgeous smartphone, probably the most best looking on the market right now. The design beats Apple’s iPhone 8, and it’s nicer than Samsung’s Note 8.

With the Galaxy S8, Samsung refined it’s curved design from the S7. Meanwhile, the super-narrow borders around the Galaxy S8’s screen make it the new standard for the smartphone design.

Additionally, the S8 is packed full of great features. Which include water resistant. The screen is taller than average this allows you to see more of your apps. It can be fast charged wirelessly or wired, and the phone has face and iris recognition. The camera is one of the best smartphone cameras, the phone supports Samsung Pay wireless payments service, and has a hidden home button.

The phone is simply amazing, but we ranked it 9th in our top 10. Here’s why: I personally don’t like TouchWiz or Samsung’s software interface that runs on top of Android. I much prefer the cleaner look and features of stock Android. I think most people would agree.

But I didn’t just rank this phone due to my personal tastes. It’s known that TouchWiz has a good chance of preventing phones running them from installing the newest Android updates when they’re released. I’m sure the same thing happens with this.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 relies on TouchWiz for its face and iris recognition capabilities. But that’s not enough to make up for receiving delayed Android updates


8. Samsung Galaxy S8+




The Samsung Galaxy S8+ is basically the same as the S8, except it’s a little bigger and it has a 6.2-inch display making it slightly larger.

The S8+ ranks higher than the S8 because bigger is better in my opinion. The S8+ is roughly the same size as the iPhone 8 Plus but has a much larger screen. Apps, videos, and web pages all look fantastic on that mega display. If you are following this article then you know why we ranked both these phones lower on our list.


7. Apple iPhone 7


iPhone 7


The iPhone 7 came out last year, the price dropped to $550, which means it beats the Galaxy S8, which is a whopping $130 more.

Most say that Apple phones offer better apps and a better owner experience than what’s offered on Android rivals, which is true with the iPhone 7. The support you get from Apple in my experience is much a lot better than what you get from Android phone companies. Plus you always get the latest software updates straight from Apple as soon as they come out.

The iPhone 7 in particular offers some amazing features which are, a water-resistant case, a quality camera that performs well in low light, and a bad ass processor. Apple’s AirPods headphones work well with this device just like other Apple products.


6. Apple iPhone 7 Plus




The size difference is not why we put the iPhone 7 Plus’ ahead of the iPhone 7, ot’s the dual-lens camera systems. Plus the price tag is at $670 which pushes it in front of the Galaxy S8+, which is $50 more.

The iPhone 7 Plus’s dual-camera system means you to take pictures with a professional-looking “bokeh” effect, which will blur the background behind the photo’s subject, it’s a nice feature to have. The other camera this phone comes with is a telephoto lens that offers a nice 2x optical zoom. Unlike the digital zoom feature found in other cameras, an optical zoom means you can enlarge the image without sacrificing picture quality. A good camera is getting to be what people look for in a phone, amongst other things such as screen size.


5. Samsung Galaxy Note 8


samsung note8-

The Samsung Note 8 has a gorgeous design, I love the ultra-thin borders around its screen, it has stunning display, performance is super fast, dual-lens camera system, and comes packed with handy stylus-based features, the Note 8 has the best attributes of Samsung’s Galaxy S and Note smartphone lines and packs them into into a phone that’s hard to beat. You can even find apps to use with the stylus which makes this a super fun phone.

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