Top 10 Best Smartphones in the World

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4. Google Pixel 2


Google Pixel 2 Phone


Google’s Pixel 2 phone might not be the best looking Android phone you on the market, but it does come with a true Android experience.

The Pixel 2 runs the latest version of the operating system. Because it’s unadulterated, the version performs way better than any of the Android manufacturers with their tweaked versions of Android

Even better, because Google’s Pixel 2’s phone is unmodified, you’ll be can install the latest updates to the operating system as soon as Google releases them. You can’t do that with other Android phones.

Also, the Pixel 2 has some other features that help us rank it ahead of other Android devices, including its awesomely  good camera, excellent performance, and superb battery life. Like mentioned above it may not look the best but it performs better and smarter than the phones we previously mentioned.

You’ll also find the Pixel 2 is water resistant, unlike the first model. Sadly the Pixel 2 doesn’t offer wireless charging.


3. Google Pixel 2 XL




Google’s Pixel 2 XL is pretty much the same as the Pixel 2, but it’s obviously larger and has an updated, fresher-looking design. It’s certainly not best looking Android phone, but it’s nice with the  narrow borders around the screen, it’s sleeker and more refined than its smaller sibling or the original Pixel.

And the unadulterated Android experience it offers is unbeatable, much like the smaller Pixel 2.

Please note, though, that reports are coming in about owners encountering several different problems with the Pixel 2 XL, one issue being with its screen. Google are currently investigating the reports.

Luckily we have not seen any of these issues during our tests, so we won’t facture this into the article at this time.


2. Apple iPhone 8



Apple’s iPhone 8 comes with a refined glass and a nice metal case, a great camera, and excellent performance. With it, the phone supports wireless and fast charging. Android phones were ahead of the game with these features for a while so, it was about time for iPhones.

What makes iPhone 8 rank higher than Android is the iOS operating system and the broader Apple ecosystem. Updates come straight from Apple as soon as they’re released, iOS apps are  better designed than their Android’s, and you get great support from Apple stores.


1. Apple iPhone 8 Plus


apple 8 plus


Apple’s iPhone 8 Plus offers all the best things that the iPhone 8 offers. But it has that bigger screen, plus a dual-lens camera system that features a telephoto lens and the ability to take shots much like a professional camera.

Will the iPhone X beat the iPhone 8?

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