Top 10 Best Travel Destinations In Brazil

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Brazil, the fifth largest country in the entire world and the largest in the South America is full of white-sand beaches, music-filled metropolises, several tropical islands and different charming colonial towns. Sprawling though the 7,500 km long coastline of Brazil will take anyone through the imposing waterfalls, wildlife and the untouched wilderness of the rain forests in Amazon where different isolated human groups still live since the ancient times. Throughout the human history, Brazil has been regarded as the most exotic and culturally diverse nation in the world with its people, food and cuisine and several architectures that makes us hopelessly obsessed with its beauty.

Brazil is renowned world-wide for its large tourism industry that offers ample gamut of options for its domestic and international tourists. Several places for eco-tourism alongside recreation during the leisure in historical and cultural lands, exotic sun beaches and dunes together with several waterfalls, amazing flora and fauna is sure a boon to enjoy all in the same country. Together with it, Brazil is known world-wide for football as it has been a country of champions. Here, we explore the top 10 travel destinations in Brazil that have been recognized as the major tourist hub in the entire country.

10. Alter do Chão, Para


Brazil’s best beach is not in the sun-bathed north-east nor in the Rio de Janerio or in the coast. The best beach in the entire continent is present on a river that lies at the heart of the Amazon rainforest. Around 33 km away from the City of Santerem in the state of Para, Alter do Chao is the heaven inside the Caribbean. A perfect place to relax and enjoy the holidays by lounging on the beaches anytime is one of the wildest fantasies of several beach lovers. Plus, grilled fishes and charming pousadas here is what people come for.

Also called the ‘golden paradise’ in the humid and dense Amazon, this place sees a lot of international visitors making trips to the Amazon rivers and enjoying on the sand banks. Several bars near to the clear green waters and white sand beaches is what creates the best memoir for any traveler coming to this place.

9. Duna do Por do Sol, Jericoacoara

Duna do Por do Sol- Best travel destinations in BrazilLocated in a wonderful fishing village of Brazil, in Jericoacoara, the Duna do Por do Sol is a must visit sunset dune in Brazil. The exotic view of sun disappearing behind the horizon is breath taking. A short and easy climb to the top of the dune and resting and drinking is what most of the locals and tourists do while they enjoy the blissful natural view in the horizon. Also, local children enjoy sliding on the sands while moving down and flip on the land as well. Even there are a lot of people who come here to enjoy sand surfing for recreation. This place also has a unique religious prospect for locals in Jericoacoara. Together with the panoramic view of the sunset, it also offers the views of some great beaches around the area.

Also, there are hotels that offer candle light dinners in the natural glow of the moon that adds a special touch to the city. Drinks are also offered during the nights that possesses various colors and flavors which guarantees the buzz to various sounds of forro and rythms for dancing and enjoying the night life!


8. Lake Januari National Park, Manaus

Lake Januari Ecological Park- best travel destination in BrazilIf you are fond of canoeing and viewing foliage, Lake Januari National park, which spreads to an area of around nine thousands acres is the right destination in Brazil. Several dry lands, low lands and the flooded forests are present in the park. Several travel agencies provide boat rides right from the morning. Refreshing canoes tours around the lakes and the streams offers the strongest image in making a visit to Manaus. Several botanical expert and flower lovers come to see the biggest Lilly which can grow upto 1.8 meters in diameter. The lake also offers a great sight seeing of monkey and crocodiles in the water.

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