Top 10 Best Trekking Routes in Nepal

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8. Poonhill trek:

Poonhill-Top 10 Trekking Routes in Nepal
Poonhill is a relatively short trek which can be completed in just a week. However, the amount of diversity, culture and sheer natural beauty one gets to experience make this trek worthwhile. From the magnificent vantage point of Poonhill at a height of 3210 m, one gets to truly experience the great beauty of Dhaulagiri(8167 m), Annapurna(8091 m), and many other mountain peaks in the Nepalese Himalayas.

7. Rara lake:

Rara Lake-Top 10 Trekking Routes In Nepal
Situated in Mugu district in western Nepal, Rara is a very beautiful lake surrounded by high mountain peaks. Covering an area of 10.8 sq.meters, it is also the biggest lake in Nepal. It lies within the Rara National Park which emcompasses a variety of flora and fauna. The Rara lake is at a height of 2990 m from sea level. This is a very difficult trek, and is not for the faint of heart. The extreme remoteness of the area combined with the 11000 feet passes that one has to cross to get there makes this trek suitable for experienced and fit trekkers only. Trekkers are encouraged to carry their own supplies and a good first aid kit because of the lack of health facilities in the area.

6. Dhaulagiri circuit:

Dhaulagiri-Top 10 Trekking Routes In Nepal
This is also an extremely tough trek. If you desire to truly experience trekking in the Nepali Himalayas, this is the trek for you. The remoteness of the area is aggravated by the terrain. However, for the dedicated trekker, the rewards are pretty superb. You will get a view of the Dhaulagiri and Annapurna mountains that other trekkers can only dream of. You will get to experience culture that has remained almost the same for a thousand years. Trekking through the challenging terrain, it will take 8 days of walking to reach the Dhaulagiri basecamp. Now comes the most difficult part of the trek — crossing the French Pass. It lies at an altitude of 5360 m, and is fairly challenging even to the most seasoned trekkers. The picturesque villages, the scenic mountains and the sheer thrill of of trekking in the slopes of the Dhaulagiri makes this trek an unforgettable one.

5. Inner Dolpo:

Inner Dolpo-Top 10 Trekking Routes In Nepal
If you desire to be in remote places in the Himalayas, you won’t get any place more remote than inner Dolpo. Until fairly recently, there were no roads connecting this magnificent Himalayan civilization to the rest of Nepal. Lying in the Karnali zone in western Nepal, this has been an area full of mystery and ancient Buddhist culture, which is largely Tibetan. The spiritual center of this place is the Shey Gompa — where hundreds of devout pilgrims come every year. Dolpo was only opened to trekker in 1991, and was closed again in 1999 for political reasons. It is now open again, and many trekkers come here every year to experience the pristine beauty and culture that this region has to offer. This region has been portrayed in many western as well as Nepali movies.

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  1. Great article! We published similar recently and 6 of our top 10 are the same as yours.
    With so much great trekking to choose from in Nepal it was tough narrowing it down to just 10!!!


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