Top 10 Best Watch Brands for Females

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3. Burberry

Burberry watches for females

Founded in 1856 in Hampshire, England, Burberry is not only popular for perfumes and handbags but also for watches that define a class. Burberry combines innovative designs and heritage details.  Diverse design are available that suit various occasions be it a casual date or a fancy party.

2. Omega

Omega watches for females

Based in Bern, Omega is one of the most preferred Swiss luxury brands. It was founded in 1848 by Louis Brandt. Since then Omega has been a household name synonymous to classic timepieces. Noted for its high accuracy, Omega timepieces have been officially adopted for timekeeping in Olympics since 1932.Omega is the choice of NASA and the watch was used for first navigation to moon in 1969. If you have fetish for vintage timepieces then Omega is the choice.

1. Rolex

Rolex watches for females

Since more than a century before, Rolex represents finest craftsmanship in watch making. It is the mystique brand that is revered all round the world. Let it first waterproof watch or chronometer model, Rolex is the leading brand that combines innovation and design. Rolex watches are recognized for their versatility .Submariner, is famous Rolex model used by deep divers and Daytona is a classic sports watch. Besides, the exquisite craftsmanship and jewelries used make Rolex immaculate timepieces. No wonder it is the most preferred brands of watches.


Choosing a brand is a matter of personal taste. One may prefer classic Omega watches to Casio sportswear or vice versa. While one may prefer to purchase an affordable D&G model another might plan for Rolex as heirloom. No matter which brand we choose to adhere to, all these brands have unique mystique to offer.

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