Top 10 Biggest Football Stadiums in the World

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The beautiful game of Football is the most watched, most enjoyed and most entertained game in the planet. Different countries have made their own stadium to organize national and international games of football. Football stadiums have also been a good part of the real estate business. Seeing the figures, the Champions league final of 2012 was watched by almost 300 million people through out the world that was between Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich and the Champions Chelsea. Almost 5 million tweets and 12 million facebook status updates were recorded on the following Champions League final between Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund.

With the names of Stamford Bridge, Old Trafford, Anfield, Emirates, Camp Nou, Allianz Arena, Wembly, there are some great places to enjoy this game live being on the stadium itself or seeing it on the television. Some beautiful architectures can be seen on different pitch. Let us have a look at the top 10 biggest football stadiums in the world.

10. The Borg El Arab Stadium (Egypt)

Top 10 Biggest Football Stadiums in the World-Borg El Arab

This stadium in Egypt has a whopping capacity of 86,000 people. It was built in the year 2007 in the hopes of being a World Cup host of 2010. However, Egypt was unfortunate in being the host because of which this stadium is not used on a regular basis. It only experiences an average attendance of 20,000. However, the opening day of the stadium experience around 74,000 attendance in the year 2009, when Egypt played with Trinidad and Tobago in the FIFA U-20 world cup to beat the visitors by 4-1. It is now being used as the home ground for the national team of Egypt.

9. The Bukit Jalil National Stadium (Malaysia)

Top 10 Biggest Football Stadiums in the World-Bukit Jalil Stadium

This stadium in Malaysia has a total capacity of 100,000 but is limited to only 87,411 for football events. It was built for the 1998 commonwealth games. It is also in use by the Malaysian national team. Apart from football games, the stadium is used for concerts and many artists like Kelly Clarkson, Usher have featured at this place. English Premier League clubs Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea have also come to this stadium to play their pre-season friendly games.

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