Top 10 Biggest Snowstorms in History

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People might love to play with snowballs during the winter but they know how chilly the climate could get during winter and cause havocs with snowstorms. There are times when the weather forecasts show some ample warning of storms accompanied by snows. Impairing of visibility, impassable road, delay of flights, canceling of several events, and schools are what happens then.

Some of the snowstorms even break records, exceed all the forecasts and cause epidemics to make the livelihood of people worse. These worst snowstorms come in with modest snowfalls that whip to zero visibility and hurricane winds. Meteorologists have been able to develop and classify these sort of hurricanes coming during the winter by taking account of the severity of the storm and the amount of snowfall.

Most of the snowstorms that occur get disastrous and take a lot of people’s lives. Here we list the top 10 disastrous snowstorms in history.

10. The Blizzard of 2006, New York City

The Blizzard of 2006, New York City- biggest snowstorm in historyA mild snowstorm hit the New York City and covered smaller areas in 2006. Though the snowstorm was not that windy, one place the storm became notable was in the New York City where around 26.9 inches of snow was recorded which was the highest snowstorm ever after 1947. This snowstorm is scientifically not called a blizzard but because of it being the highest it is named so. No deaths were reported during this snowstorm.

9. Lhunze County, 2008, Tibet

Lhunze County, 2008, Tibet- biggest snowstorm of all timesWith the border to the highest mountain in Nepal including Mount Everest, the climate of Tibet is bitterly cold during winters. However, several passes through the Himalayas were clear to walk through but the snowstorm of 2008 in October came out of nowwhere averaging a snow depth of 59 inches. Regular snowstorm came in for around 36 hours which collapsed many buildings and taking lives of 7 people. Roads were completely blocked and the lack of food brought in epidemic causing more lives of people. A lot of animals also lost their lives and the remaining had to be slaughtered for food in the storm’s aftermath.

8. Mount Shasta, 1959, California

Mount Shasta, 1959, California- biggest snowstorm of all times189 inches of snow was recorded at the Mount Shasta Ski Bowl and is the largest snowfall in North America till date. Though the snowstorm was big, it did not have much effect on the locals as the snow were cleared regularly. The snow covered most of the part in the Mount Shasta City that was a little away from the human settlement covering the unpopulated mountainous areas. The massive snowfall could cover only a lesser area having a very less impact and only a few deaths were reported because of this snowstorm.

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