Top 10 Biggest Snowstorms in History

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7. Eastern Canadian Blizzard of 1971, Ontario and Quebec, Canada

Eastern Canadian Blizzard of 1971, Ontario and Quebec, Canada- biggest snowstorms in historyThe March nor’easter was a powerful storm that blew from the Atlantic Ocean and it was in 1971 when it created a classic snowstorm in the eastern Canada in 1971. The storm dumped 18 inches of snow in Montreal and more than 2 feet elsewhere. Visibility was greatly disturbed as the storm whipped off the snow along with it. The temperatures got more frigid and a total of 20 people lost their lives. Surprisingly, people in Ontario were reported to have gone for work even in such conditions. However, this disaster led to the cancellation of the hockey game by Montreal Canadiens which remains virtually unheard in the Canadian History.

6. The Buffalo Blizzard of 1967, Northern US

The Buffalo Blizzard of 1967, Northern US- biggest blizzard in world historyThe Buffalo Blizzard of 1967 in the Northern US was the biggest snowstorms of all times which recorded around 199.04 inches of snow. The snowfall got accompanied by a wind averaging 45mph which made the temperature fall to negative 20 degrees in just few hours which even froze the Lake Erie. Roads were blocked and there was zero visibility which stranded people at work and took a total of 29 lives. Storm effects were seen in Canada as well as to the far east NY. Though the city of Buffalo was known for being warm during winter than other nearby cities, this storm cemented the reputation in the US as the blizzard capital in the world.

5. The Great Snow of 1717, New England

The Great Snow of 1717, New England- biggest blizzards of world historyThe meteorological records were not so reliable because of the lack of proper technologies back in the 18th century, but the Great Snow of 1717 is said to come with a series of storms in quick succession during February and March. Heavy snowfalls were recorded in the colonies of New England and the snow flew far away to Philadelphia while Boston bore the brunt of this blizzard. Houses were said to have been buried and because there were no equipment for the removal of snows, people had to wait until the snow melted. Roads were blocked and the travel in Ney York and Boston became completely impossible. Snow piled up to 108 inches and no proper records of deaths were noted down at that time but estimations say that around 200 people lost their lives.

4. The Blizzard of 1967, Midwestern US

The Blizzard of 1967, Midwestern USOne of the brutal blizzards in the US saw monstrous snow storms in 1967 that his most of the Midwestern portion of the country. Michigan to Gary, Indiana, Kalamazoo and Chicago saw record breaking snow within a period of 24 hours. Record breaking snowfall of 2 feet and winds of 50mph took 76 lives with it with Chicago being the main target. However, a surprising fact about the blizzard of 1967 is that the area where the snowstorm strike saw very high temperatures in the 60s and a tornado hit days before the storm out broke.

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