Top 10 Biggest Snowstorms in History

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3. The New England Blizzard, 1978

The New England Blizzard, 1978- biggest snowstorm of all timesThe New England Blizzard of 1978 also called as the Boston Blizzard stalled over for more than a day with snows dropping at a rate of 4 inches per hour. Boston and other communities of the Rhodes Island were hit the highest while New York City also felt its effects. A total accumulation of 27.1 inches of snow were recorded and the winds were as fast as 100 mph which cause severe drifting and visibility impairments. The storm became worse because it came during the time of high tides leading to the most severe coastal flooding ever. The storm left thousands of people in their cars on the roadways and a total of 100 people were found to be dead around the Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

2. The Storm of the Century, 1993, Eastern US

The Storm of the Century, 1993, Eastern US- biggest snowstorm in historyThe Snowstorm of 1993 that hit the Eastern US was billed ‘Storm of the Century’ because this storm in the season of March dumped great amount of snow and wind on a wider area than any other storm that was ever recorded in the history. Started from the Gulf of Mexico, the storm dissipated in the North Atlantic Ocean stretching over several parts of Canada and Central America. But the main impact was felt on the Eastern United States. 26 states were hit and a total of 270 deaths were reported. This storm saw some record breaks in the weather with the temperature dropping to negative 24.4 degree Celsius. The Mountainous region in the Appalachians and Catskills recorded large amount of snow measuring to a total of 50 inches. Winds rocketed with the speed of 70mph to 100 mph in many parts. Meteorologists even claimed that the storm of the century was equivalent to three hurricanes.

1. The Blizzard of 1888, Northeastern US

The Blizzard of 1888, Northeastern US-biggest snowstorms in historyThe Blizzard of the 1888 was one of the oldest recorded snowstorms in the history. This disaster hit several northeastern part of the United States from New England to the Chesapeake Bay. A total of 400 death tolls were recorded and around 100 people were said to be lost in the sea. This wild snowstorm brought great amount of snow that measured 22 inches in the New York City and 45 inches in the New Haven with the highest being in the Saratoga Springs that measured 58 inches of snow. Frigid temperature, strong winds and snow drifts caused severe flooding as well. The wind gusts were reported to be moving with a speed of 80mph.

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Though snow fall has helped several nations in promoting trekking and recreation, they can have adverse effects because of several natural occurring phenomenon. Human settlements are disturbed and a lot of death tolls occur hampering the overall development of nation. Further, the snowstorms causes schools and several other organizations to close which also affects on the global economy. Whatever be it, these disastrous snowstorms will always remain in the memories for bring a havoc and turning things upside down everywhere.

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