Top 10 Best Places to Study Abroad

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3. Sydney

Sydney- best city to study abroad

The capital of the Australian state of New South Wales, Sydney lies on the south-east coast of Australia, on the Tasman Sea and is the most populous city in Australia. Sydney has various picturesque sites in it such as Sydney Opera House, Harbor Bridge, Hyde Park and Royal Botanical Gardens, and the city is surrounded by some of the nation’s best beaches. The city is a great hub for research and learning, offers a great quality of living and has a diverse student community. However, the city is not exactly an affordable place to live in. Some of the famous lives to study higher education in the city are John Howard, Ken Thompson, Mark Taylor and Geoff Lawson.

The best universities in the city are University of Sydney, University of New South Wales and University of Western Sydney.

2. London

London- best place to study abroad

Standing on the River Thames, London is the capital of England as well as United Kingdom and has been a major settlement for nearly two millennia. London has a diverse range of peoples and cultures and is a global center for arts, commerce, education, travel, tourism and many others. Some of the places to visit in London are Tower of London, Kew Gardens, Buckingham Palace, St. Paul’s Cathedral and British Museum. A quarter of university students in London come from outside and thus, education in London has a truly cosmopolitan feel. The city has 43 universities and job placement opportunities for students in London is aplenty. To name a few of the famous people to study in London are John Keats, Thomas Hardy, John Deacon, Christopher Nolan and Alexander Graham Bell.

The best universities in the city are University College London, Imperial College London, King’s College London, London School of Economics and Political Science and Queen Marry, University of London.

1. Paris

Paris- best places to study abroad

Located on the River Seine and in the north of France, Paris is the most populous city as well as the capital of France. Paris, the true City of Lights, is often regarded as the most beautiful city in the world and has been long regarded as the international center for arts. In spite of having the notoriety of being an expensive place to live, Paris offers comparatively little training fees, high quality of life and the graduates from the city’s universities are held in high regard among employers all over the world. Jean Paul Sartre, Louis Pasteaur, Henri Becquerel and Augustin Luis Cauchy.

The best universities in the city are École Normale Superieure, Paris, École Polytechnique ParisTech, Université Pierre et Marie Curie and Sciences Po Paris.

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Abroad education can be a really fulfilling experience. The foremost of all, students can receive quality education at a world class institution on foreign soil and become a globally competent professional, even if they can’t have it back at their home. After receiving such education, they cannot only contribute to the wellbeing of just themselves and their families but also for the roots they have come from. There are many instances where a common man from some rustic background, guided by his dreams and aided by his hard work, has been able to receive world class education for himself and with it, help his nation and the whole mankind too. Besides, cross-cultural understanding promoted by foreign education, helps to instil in us a sense of being global citizen too.

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