Top 10 Most Common Reasons for Divorce

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The ‘D‘ word is selling like hot cakes in the page 3; almost everyone from the bling industry whom we knew to have been married has gotten divorced one time or the other. While divorce might not be as common in Nepal as it is in the western part of the world, changing social structure, values and beliefs on marriage have all culminated in increasing divorce rates in Nepal.

With increasing sophistication and increasing philosophies about living life, divorce rates are spreading like a deadly contagious virus. It should have and would have words after divorce are common these days even from top celebrities whether it is in MTV or VH1 or New York Times. The massively changing lifestyle of people in these few decades are what analysts are saying are the main causes of divorce. Whether they are hot celebrities or normal people, divorce is in the air.

Well, Here are top 10 reasons of why couples decide to part their ways with a divorce even after taking vows. These might be checker list for you if you are already married; Or tips to avoid the pain if you are planning to get married, any time soon.

10. Loss of mutual interest

loss of interest in couples leads to divoce“We got married on consent but now, we have lost the interest” says a famous singer on why he got divorced. It is natural for couples to embark on lives together and then the charm that was once there slowly begins fading and they start leading separate lives. They start having different circles of friends and different aspirations. Your wife’s face, which was the prettiest one in the whole world, might begin to appear less majestic. Your idea of romance may be stale for your partner. Different ideas, different trails my friend!

9. Infidelity

Infidelity leads to divorceWhen I was 10, ‘cheating’ for me meant copying answers from others during exams. Growing up for sure changes the meanings of words for you. The saga of Tiger Woods cheating on his wife is epic and one of the most famous cheatings in the history ever to be made public. And then there was Cheryl Cole’s footballer husband Ashley cheating on her, Brad Pitt cheating on Jennifer Aniston for Angelina Jolie, the list goes on and on. A writer says, ‘when you sleep away, so will your spouse slip away’! Infidelity definitely pulls a full stop when it comes to marriage.

 8. Distance

Distance in love is major cause of divorceIn the book “The fault in our stars”, author John Green writes, “the thing about distance is that you never know if people miss you or forget you”. This one is particularly fit in the Nepali society. Husband goes to some other country for employment and couple begins to experience strain in their relationship. May be distance has a lot to do in terms of love, care, fidelity and support. You need someone beside you in your ups and downs, which is why many people get married. And if the institution fails to do so, you might decide to opt out of it. Many don’t want to linger in a shallow phone-based relationship when there is equal probability for the people to change when they are far from each other.

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