Top 10 Most Common Reasons for Divorce

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7. Addictions

Addiction is a reason for divorceAlcohol abuse and drug addictions salvage marriages and families. There can be various reasons behind this. Domestic violence is no.1 culprit. Addicted partners also want partners to have addictions, thus suffering is always double ways. There arise questions of finance, security and future. And in all this, it is the innocent kids who suffer the most. No woman wants a husband who comes home late, all drunk, spinning off all the money in drain for drinks. It has been correctly said that in relationships where either spouse is addicted, the whole affair might be just an illusion for him/her. Why spend time on being a part of someone’s illusion of being married?

 6. Domestic Violence/ Abuse

domestic violence leads to divorcePartners of those who are addicted to drugs, alcoholics, mental disorders or of those who believe in vastly different cultural values and peculiar religious practices are prone to domestic violence. In third world countries of Asia, dowry is still a major reason behind burning, beating, blackmailing and mental suffering of the female counterparts. Once or twice may be a separate question but when violence becomes a part of everyday life, it definitely is a time to call it quits.

 5. Lack of Communication

lack of proper communication is a major cause of divorceYou ignore the phone calls once, you avoid the talk for once, go out for coffee with a friend and viola! Your vows may be on rocks just because you two haven’t been talking to one other. Communication is the key. Talk talk talk. Talk your hearts out. Talk good, talk ugly but talk you should. Talks not just about the personal and intimate stuffs but ones as simple as your day, your work, lunch can help in mending the thought barrier that you two have. And there are so many options to go for. You can send your spouse a really nice email, or post your pictures on her face book wall, or go for old school; write her a really sweet letter in paper.( with or without your blood is entirely your choice though!!)

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