Top 10 Most Common Reasons for Divorce

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 3. Feeling constrained

feeling constrained could lead to a divorceThis can be a reason especially for females. You are fairly educated, you have abilities but your family and responsibilities restrain you from going out there and getting a job. Or you may not get promoted because you could not give as much time as another unmarried employee. Or in societies like ours, your family may stop you from having the social life that you once had before getting married. You may be barred from meeting friends as often or going out. You may be expected to dress or talk or behave in a certain manner.  It is important that both of the partners realize each others’ aspirations and help and support as much as they can, for a happy congenial life.

 3. Unmet expectations

Unmet expectations is the most common reason for divorceDoes your wife constantly complain that you don’t keep your socks at proper place? Does she compare your earnings with someone else? Does your husband ask you every now and then to join yoga class or hit the gym because of your weight? Does he hesitate in taking you out along with him with his friends? Signals might be clear my friend; you two aren’t fulfilling your expectations from one another. And the rocks on your fingers might not rock too well!!

2.  Finances

Weakened finances is the most common reason for divorceLooks like money has a way of getting into almost every single atom of this universe. Your spouse may be unhappy with your earnings, your investments, your saving habits, your habit of lending to your friends or crisp notes my friend, might have been spoiling you in a lot of ways which are not approved by your partner. If the money talks rule the dinner table, road to divorce might be under construction!

1. Incompatible personalities

Incompatible personalities is the most common reason for divorceYou two had crush on each other, went on dates and decided to get married. It is only after spending every day with each other that you realize whether you are made for each other or not. Compatibility that once was there might also change with time. If two people have completely different personalities, interests, hobbies and directions in life, why stretch the futile relation any further?


Marriage is not an easy pill to swallow, neither is divorce. A well judged marriage may be on rocks if it is not taken care of. In life, things happen for a reason and divorces are no accidents. You can scan yourself for these symptoms if your marriage has not been faring quite well for some time now. Honey, prevention is always better than cure! The idea of divorce is too shallow for this writer though. There always are ways to mend things and mending is mostly the best option. Just because you have friends whose marriages did not work doesn’t mean yours won’t work as well. I have even heard some people say that ‘divorce is so- in -vogue’! I was like, what? Where are the days when couples stuck to each other through thick and thin? Well, the wheels are rolling and so are our social structures. Whatever is the fate of the institution of marriage in coming fifty years or so, I hope all of yours work out happily ever after!

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