Top 10 Countries with Fastest Internet Connections in the World

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Connectivity has been massively developed from ‘wired’ to ‘wireless’ and whatever be the case, the last thing every people wish it to see a page loading at a lightning fast speed. Whether it is about having a video conference, downloading a movie, searching different references or watching music videos online, the last thing to stand is a slow loading internet connection. Technology has been so developed in some of the countries that they never face even a second of buffering delay with the internet connection, whether be it a wired connection or wireless. AKAMI, a software and application developer company brings forth the reports on countries with internet speed. According to the company, the average global internet speed of the world is around 1.8 Mbits/seconds.

Several nooks and corners of the world still don’t have access to internet to connect to people throughout the world. But, there are countries who enjoy a great liberty in browsing through the space and time in a blazing fast speed just with the click of the mouse button. Let us take a look at the top 10 countries with fastest internet connections in the world.

10. Singapore

Singapore- fastest internet connection in the world

Singapore is regarded as the ‘tech hub’ of the world with increasing technological advancements in quick time. Internet was started just a decade ago in the year 1996 in this country. With the average of 30.7 Mbits/second, the country is served by four ISPs namely StarHub, Pacnet, M1 and the SingNet. The government also has focused mainly on several usage of broadband internet throughout the country and also has initiated a program Intelligent Nation 2015. The country also seeks NextGen Broadband Internet plans through out the country to access fiber networks and cover around 95% of people.

9. Israel

Israel- world's fastest internet connection

Israel got access to internet in the year 1990, however the maximum usage of intent came from the year 2001. The country measures the average internet speed of 30.9 Mbits/sec. The country has made wide progress in the broadband facilities in recent years. People surf internet through phones and cable infrastructures. 012 Smile, Bezeg International and the Netvision have been the best ISPs in the country. Internet facilities have made a wide progress for web starters in running several online business as well which makes Israel the best country with perfect web culture after the Silicon Valley.

8. Bulgaria

Bulgaria- world's fastest internet connection

Bulgaria is best known for its global businesses and low tax and cheap labor. Internet in Bulgaria started after 2001 but was widely accessible after 2005. With high speed internet of 32.1 Mbits/sec, the country mostly favors ISPs that provide LAN(Locan Area Network) services to its people. Around 60% of consumers access internet at really fast speed together with good service. The country recently introduced ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) technology recently which has been distributed to around 208 towns and villages in the country.

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