Top 10 Countries With Highest Rape Rate in the World

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There are different types of crimes like murder, robbery, genocide, human trafficking, rape etc.  Many of the above crimes get noticed and the criminals receive the punishment they deserve but there is a crime which is more vulnerable than the others, the sin gets embedded beneath the surface because the sufferers are reluctant to report about it as they find it shameful to even speak about it. The crime I am talking about is rape. We humans are marching towards the path of prosperity and development but the savage inhuman crimes like rape make us compel to question our humanity and really wonder if we are any different from the animals.

The causes of rapes are different to any other crime. The monetary involvement is rare in this crime; however there are some rare cases associated with loots and robberies. The main reason for this act is the mankind being unable to contain itself within its boundaries and letting its animal instinct to take hold. The criminals forget they are humans and involve in this sinful act. There are laws made and implemented all across the world but clearly they do not seem to be taking hold of the crime as the rate of rape is increasing every year.

What is even more surprising is that the so called “developed” countries have higher rates of rape than the others.  Here we look on the top ten countries with highest rate of rapes.

10. Thailand

Thailand Protest to stop Rape

Thailand is a small seaside country situated in eastern Asia. It is a popular tourist hub, visited by thousands of tourists every year. But many of them might not be familiar with the truth that this nation is the place where a large number of females become the victim of sexual abuse. The number of women, girls and even baby girls, who become the victim of this demonic act, is aplenty in this nation. Shocking news broke out from the nation recently which reported that a 93 year old Australian was involved in rape. That single news reflects how vulnerable the country is.

9. Belgium

A cute European country with notorious reputation, Belgium is not far behind Thailand in rate of rapes. Rape is all the rage it seems for Belgians as there was an increase of 20% in the rate of rape between 2009 to 2011. Recently, as per June 11, 2013, eight different cases of rapes were reported in single day. This shows how much is Belgium drowned on this crime. The even bigger tragedy is more than half of these get dismissed due to lack of conclusive evidences. If the situation is such worse for a developed European country like Belgium we can make analogy of what might be the case for underdeveloped third world countries.

8. Russia

Russia is the coldest country in the world stretching in two continents. It seems they take the cold weather too seriously as they have immense rate of rapes for such sparsely populated country of their status. It is said that the red army performed gang rapes during the war which was a major cause of their defeat. It was then when it all started and the rate of rate does not seem to get any lower. Only last year a woman was found murdered and badly abused on the streets of Moscow, the capital city of Russia. If such crimes happen at daylight on the capital city, we can assume how bad the scenario might be throughout the country.

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