Top 10 Countries with Slowest Internet Connections in the World

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Globalized technical sectors have made quick and effective advancements in improving slow internet at the fastest rate in the 21st century after its invention. Regarded as one of the most basic need today, millions of people wander over the World Wide Web to find information regarding several areas of general interest, work and business, live-stream for cricket, football and different other sports. We as internet users have always craved for the speed while browsing through several pages in different websites.

If you are a www geek and don’t want to get irritated with unresponsive and sluggish connections, you’ll surely look out to keep yourself away from working your online life in these Super-Slow internet using countries. With some hyper advanced countries like South Korea, Japan, America, who enjoy internet speeds more than 10 Mbps, most of the slow internet using countries have reported to serve connection speeds that are below 256 kbps.

Let us take a look at the top 10 countries that enjoy the slowest internet speed in the entire world.

10. Malaysia

Top 10 countries with slowest internet connection_Flag_of_Malaysia The country which intakes most of Asian foreigners for employment opportunities has one of the slowest internet speed in the world. This Southeast Asian country, where internet started from 1995 AD provides internet speed lesser than 256 kbps to almost 16% of the entire population. However, several upgrades and maintenance has been made on timely manner to help improving the internet speed by almost 4% since the last quarter.

9. Kazakhastan

Top 10 countries with slowest internet connection_Flag_of_Kazakhstan Internet started in this country since 1995 and 16% of the internet that people use here are below 256 kbps. However, 73% of people in this country still use dial-up internet connection and about 15% use ADSL connection while 6% have satellite access for internet services. “Kaznet” is one of the most rapidly growing ISP brand in the country which has helped in increasing the speed of the internet in the country by almost 4.2%.

8.  Indonesia

Top 10 countries with slowest internet connection_flag_of_indonesia Indonesia also lies on the Southeast part of Asia. Over 19% of internet speed is below 256 kbps which has been maintained by 13% in last quarter. Internet started in 1983 AD. TNS research done in 2011 reported that Indonesia is the world’s second largest country with the number of facebook users and third largest in the number of Twitter users. With around 45 million people using internet in the country, around 64% of users are aged 15-19.

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