Top 10 Countries with Slowest Internet Connections in the World

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7. Syria

Top 10 countries with slowest internet connection_flag_of_syria Internet was started in this Western Asian country since 2003 AD. It also has 19% of internet speed below 256 kbps which is a 10% deviation from the last quarter. However, number of internet users in this county is really low. With average download speed of 768 kbit/s, the broadband internet users is limited to only 0.2% of the country’s population.

6. Bolivia

Top 10 countries with slowest internet connection_Flag_of_bolivia Located in South America, 25% of Bolivian people enjoy internet speed which is below 256 kbps. Internet service was made available in the country after 2000 AD. However, a huge amendment in the ISP service has brought massive improvement in the internet speed by 22% from the last quarter. Around 1 million internet users are present in this country out of which only a few people have access to broadband internet.

 5. India

Top 10 countries with slowest internet connection_flag_of_india One of the largest countries in the world, India, has over 121 million internet users. However, internet speed in this country is too low though it started almost two decades ago in 1995. With over 27% of people using internet with speed lower than 256 kbps. Only 8.4% of the overall population have access to internet. Over 5.6% of the internet speed has been maintained from the last quarter. Only 1% of the entire population can access broadband internet connection.

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