Top 10 Countries with Slowest Internet Connections in the World

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4. Iran

top 10 countries with slowest internet connection_flag_of_iran Internet was started in this Western Asian country since 1993. However, 30% of the internet users are browsing the web with speed lower than 256 kbps which has been maintained by 6% from the last quarter. The residential speed is restricted to 128 kbps by the government itself to reduce western media presence in the country. However, a large cost is paid by commercial and business firm for using high speed broadband internet.

3. Nigeria

Top 10 countries with slowest internet connection_Flag_of_nigeria This West- African country had access to internet since 1995. But still, 31% of internet usage is below the 256 kbps. It had a 16% decrease in the deviation from the last quarter. However, a lot of internet cafes and setup privately in different towns of the country to help people access with the web. Broadband services are yet to make an impact in this country.

2. Nepal

Top 10 countries with slowest internet connection_flag_of_Nepal This South-east Asian country, Nepal has a huge prospect in development of internet facilities in coming years. Internet was started in 1995, but only 1% of the entire population had access to internet until 2005. 4% decrease in the last quarter has helped in maintaining the internet speed at working condition. Several internet cafes and public wifi has been made available by many ISPs growing in the country.

1. LibyaTop 10 countries with slowest internet connection- Libya-national-flag


Libya is located in the North Africa and internet in this country was implemented since 2000 AD. Around 52% of the total population use internet with speed below 256 kbps which has been maintained by 5.6% from the last quarter. LTT is the only ISP in this country. Around 380,000 people in the country have access to DSL and WIMAX service which helped in maintaining the internet problem by almost 5.7% from the last quarter.

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People in different part of world connect through internet and these countries have really a poor access to the world with regards to internet facilities. Wars, Isolation, frequent political instability, several upheavals in the country, disasters etc. might have caused a huge impact in the overall progress of the nation in the advancement of internet services. However, several instances have already been taken by several national and multi-national or foreign ISPs in serving this country regarding overcoming the problems of Internet facilities.

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