Top 10 Easy Ways to Improve your IQ

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3. Speed reading

Speed reading

That early morning newspaper can do wonders says a recent study. A reading habit is good for all but fast readers with regular practice not only comprehend more data in less time but also train their brain to tackle real life situations and make logical decisions on the go.

Also it’s said reading is to mind as exercise is to body. Reading a wide range of books and materials is directly linked to better concentration and focus, better critical thinking skills and also better short term memory and thus, it helps to improve your IQ.

2. Learn new things

Learn new things to increase your iq

Language centres in the brain actually grow as a result of successful language learning. The better you learn, the more those vital areas of the rain grow. Bilingualism delays Alzheimer’s disease in susceptible people by as much as five years. Seems incredible, but the studies are continuing to support this result.

Learning a new musical instrument has similar effects as in a recent study, preschoolers who took a weekly keyboard lesson improved their spatial temporal skills by 34% against the kids who did not take the lessons. Musical instruments have also been linked to increasing perseverance, co-ordination and comprehension skills. So take up something!

1. Play logical games

creative games

Believe it or not the more you practice the better you become applies to your brain too. Playing games like scrabble, chess, Sudoku etc keeps the neural connections in your brain at their maximum. Studies have shown that once the brain becomes versed in thinking it spends less resources and thus needs less effort to think and act.

In 2008, scientists Susanne Jaeggi and Martin Buschkuehl devised a method that would increase “fluid intelligence”—the ability to draw connections between things, solve problems, and adapt to new situations.

By having test subjects pay attention to two different streams of information, they found they exhibited a significant gain in reasoning abilities. Way to go gamers!


The core still remains that the brain is a maze of neural connections and the more you use it the better it becomes at thought process.

Sherlock Holmes wasn’t a superhuman but his thought process was so fast a normal person couldn’t comprehend it. This trainability of the brain is called “neuroplasticity”. All in all, if you really need to improve your IQ score, you’ve got to start working now.

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