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Don’t feel like cooking today? You’re on a date and don’t know what to order? You want to take something home for your children and don’t know what to take? What will you have while you’re watching a game of football on TV? Somebody’s home and don’t know what to cook for your guests? Well, the answer is easy “pizza”. A millions of problems and one solution to each of them! Pizza is one of the most known and loved delicacies all over the world, across borders, across nationalities and across generations. Tiger Woods once said “And I don’t cook either. Not as long as they still deliver pizza.” It’s just a little light on the fame of pizza. 

Pizzas come in so many varieties. You have the Hawaiian, the Capricciosa, the Veggie, the Chicken Deluxe, the Cheese and Pepperoni and a hell lot of others. Pizza fits so many occasions, from those times when you’ve got to jump off as soon as you’ve had it to those times when you’ve got all the time to kill for yourself. Ever wondered when this pizza culture started or when was the first pizza in the world made? You may wonder who’s such a fool to wonder about such esoteric facts, when you can just sit back, relax and devour the fantastic delicacy. But no problem, we’ve worked out the trouble for you. And here, we present to you ten of the most astounding and remarkable facts about your favorite delicacy. (Pizza haters, don’t be annoyed! You can just read the facts, you don’t have to take a bite.)

10. Top days for pizza sale

best pizza sales day- interesting facts about pizzaSaturday night is the night when the most pizzas are eaten, on a worldwide basis. Regarding the days and occasions throughout the year when most pizzas are sold, the top five pizza sales day of the year are Super Bowl Sunday, New Year’s Eve, Halloween, Thanksgiving Eve and New Year’s Day in the descending order of listing here. Statistics have it that fifty-eight percent of Americans order pizza on the day of the Super Bowl which makes it the biggest day for the sale of readymade pizza throughout the calendar year. Americans surely love baseball!

9. World record for pizza eating

record for pizza eating- interesting facts about pizza

The world record for the fastest time to eat a 12″ pizza is 41.31 seconds, which was achieved by Canadian Peter Czerwinski. He achieved it on the set of ‘On the Road’ for the Guinness World Records. He used just a knife and a fork for the attempt, never touching the pizza with his hands over the whole process. Meanwhile, the record for maximum amount of pizza eaten during a specified time is claimed by World champion eater from California, Joey Chestnut. He ate 40 slices of ½ pizza in ten minutes to set the record. He set this record in the Pizza Hut Chow-lenge, on a certified event endorsed by the International Federation of Competitive Eating

 8. Longest pizza delivery

longest pizza delivery- interesting facts about pizza

The current world record for longest pizza delivery, in terms of the distance travelled, is held by Lucy Clough of Domino’s Pizza. According to Guinness World Records, on November 19, 2004, she traveled 10,532 miles from London, England to Melbourne, Australia to set this record for the longest pizza delivery. The record was previously held by Bernard Jordaan, who on March 22, 2001, travelled from Capetown, South Africa to Sydney, Australia, during which he covered 6,861 miles. He was from Butlers Pizza in Capetown and was delivering the pizza to Corne Krige, who was the Fedsure Stormers rugby team’s captain in Sydney.

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