Top 10 Facts About Pizza

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7. Most successful pizza franchises

best pizza franchises- facts about pizza

Pizza is an immensely popular food item and further more popular as a home delivery food. And, pizza is a huge commerce today. There are large number of franchises plying their trade in the pizza business. Among them, Pizza Hut and Domino’s Pizza are the most popular brands. Pizza Hut was established in 1958, in a small building in Wichita, Kansas. Meanwhile, Domino’s Pizza opened its first store two years later. Pizza Hut is the largest pizza company with the annual sales of $11.2 billion while Domino’s comes at second with $6.9 billion. The other popular brands are Papa John’s, Little Caesars and California Pizza Kitchen.

6. Italian law for the protection of pizza

italian pizza- facts about pizzaPizza was originally an Italian dish, in modern history. In Italy, a bill was passed by the parliament in 2002, to protect the traditional Italian pizza. The bill specified which were the permissible ingredients and methods of processing for pizzas. Only pizzas following these specifications were allowed to be called as “traditional Italian pizzas” in Italy. Further, on 9 December, 2009, upon the request of Italian authorities, traditional Neapolitan pizza was granted with Traditional Speciality Guaranteed protection by the European Union. Quite an admiration for their tradition by the Italians!

5. Fastest pizza maker

fastest pizza maker- facts about pizza

The honor of being the Fastest Pizza maker in the world is claimed by Bruno Di Fabio. He is a premier pizza maestro from Connecticut and owns around 10 artisan pizzerias around the United States. He can prepare 14 pizzas in 2 minutes and 35 seconds. He is a 13 time medalist at World Pizza Games. He has plied his trades in the pizza industry for around 20 years.

4. Introduction of cheese

cheese pizza- facts about pizza

The earliest versions of pizza did not contain any cheese or tomatoes. The cheese began to be added to the pizza only in 1889. It was when an Italian pizza chef Raffaele Esposito added cheese to a pizza specially made for the visit of Queen Margherita, when commissioned by Royal Palace of Capodimonte. This went on to result in a masterpiece, which was later known as the Margherita pizza. The pizza contained cheese, tomato sauce and basil. The ingredients were chosen to embody the colors of the flag of Italy. And, what an impact this small act of honor would have on the course of world history!

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